Saturday, November 30, 2013

Toothaches, Sores and Woes


Finally, I  am putting together an epic post about all things well,  mouth pain.  I had heard of a many people getting tooth aches, root canals, tooth decay, cavities and more lately.  Even mouth sores seem to be more prevalent and in myself as well.  I even had a bout of the worst cold sore ever, during the holidays last December.  Now stress had a lot to do with it and being tired and run down, but I find sugar and sweets can also lead to poor mouth health.

Too much chocolate and pop can also lead to a mouthful of problems from canker sores to tooth decay and cavities. It's not always though, even with better tooth care you might still end up at the dentist.  I had to have a root canal and have always brushed and flossed, and then the affected tooth started acting up and the dentist told me they recommended a root canal.

The only thing is I have read extensive literature that root canals cause many other health issues and are quite dangerous procedures.  Root-canaled teeth are dead teeth that can become silent incubators for highly toxic anaerobic bacteria.  You might be interested to read up on the information that over 25 million root canals are done on patients in North America.  It is an expensive procedure and I likely think dentists recommend this for that reason,  They also can be painful but the dental associations claim that there are not illnesses caused by root canals or there is an pain to the procedure.  There are many more nerve endings in the mouth area than was previously thought when dental practises implemented root canals in the early 1900's.  Information dentists are provided with is not as extensive as necessarily thought. 

Anyways, I am not here to dispute the dental associations or tell anyone what to do in the situations of tooth aches but if you cannot see the dentist due to lack of dental coverage or it's just not as serious to spend your savings on a small tooth ache or mouth sore, then here are some ways to ease your pain.

Massage your gums from the outside of your mouth, on your cheek where the pain is occurring.  Sometimes, this can bring some relief, but don't push hard or persist with this as you could aggravate your tooth ache but do keep you mouth brushed and clean.  Also avoid eating things that are hard snacks like corn nuts and avoid sugary treats.  Avoid smoking cigarettes, as the smoke can lead to infection and isn't helping  your own immune system to heal anything. Keep flossing even though you might have pain, it's imperative no food lingers around the affected tooth.

Many home remedies are available on the internet, and I will provide some links as well and some things that might seem like a miracle but is not a substitute to a proper dental visit.

The good old salt and warm water mouth rinse definitely helps to cleanse your mouth.  Try a high quality sea salt too and your mouth will actually absorb some of it, which isn't bad if you are using a natural and high quality source.  It's actually good for you.

I do know a mix of clove oil and vegetable or canola oil on a cotton ball, stuffed into your mouth where the affected tooth is works.  Leave it there and relax for an hour.  The clove oil does have to be diluted in this way to be safe and not too strong to apply, as it is strong stuff clove oil has been an old-world dentist remedy for thousands of years.  If you don't have clove oil, perhaps a whole clove ground up will work.  **Do Not- grind clove oil in a plastic lid in the coffee grinder or pour clove oil into a plastic of any type.  It will melt it and cause gauges where the plastic and cloves oil reacts.  True.

Cinnamon is also a very useful spice and mixed with garlic and water can be an effective paste to apply to an affected tooth.  Here's a few more things to try to get rid of toothache pain: Home Remedies and more information about tooth ache care here: Homemade Treatments

How about canker sores? I had a horrendous canker sore underneath my tongue that hurt badly, that I ended up speaking with a lisp on my sales calls.  So for clarity and enjoyment of a conversation, canker sores are not working for you on that.  Also some canker or teeth sores can cause one to have worse breath than normal, especially when your mouth dries out. 

Apparently, canker sores can be from stress, not eating properly so malnutrition or even brushing teeth too hard, poor dental hygiene or a compromised immune system.  I also notice that if I eat too many tomatoes I end up with at least one canker, so perhaps with some people it's acid in some fruits or vegetables that can aggravate them on. Sugar, again doesn't help anything to do with the mouth.

Gargling with hot water and salt is what I have always done to clean and get rid of canker sores but there are some "Natural Mouthwashes for canker sores" and found there are many items in your kitchen that you can make a natural and healing mouthwash right here:  Homemade Mouthwash     
and also here are 3 great tasting mouthwashes you can make and try out: Tasty DIY Mouthwash .

Lastly, if nothing else works try an extra strength ibuprofen or Tylenol and get off your feet.  Restings will most times also help, as being on your feet or sitting upright tightens and uses muscles in your face.  That tends to be when throbbing starts, so laying down and just relaxing gets rid of the blood out of your face and mouth is good.

Now too hot or cold foods are not recommended but perhaps icing the outside of the cheek of the affected area can also help but heating the area is not recommend as this can cause more problems.  Especially if it's already warm, but I would recommend going to the doctor if the area is warm or you have a fever.  That means there is a possibility of infection or abscess and this should be treated as very serious considering that the infections translates to poison to your body.

Poison in your blood stream from an infected tooth can cause tooth loss, jaw bone damage, other teeth can be damaged, sinus problems and even heart damage and more!  It is serious, so still if you cannot get into a dentist in cases of emergency be sure to see your doctor.  They can provide you antibiotics to get rid of the infection and swelling of your face or even recommend hospitalization, if it's that bad.  Here's what you can expect to if you are facing an certain abscesses in your mouth: Dental Abscess . Please take proper care of your tooth pain.  Good Luck!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having a Happy Thanksgiving  ~ October in Canada and my American friends celebrate it in November.  I didn't eat any meat dishes, no turkey, no ham, as I am still on my vegetarian kick.  I had not eaten meat at any time all year and I was able to eat plenty of protein in other forms, no problem.  I made sure to have legumes and tofu.

So,  for Thanksgiving, I roasted a plethora of vegetables or sauteed dishes for my shared Thanksgiving dinner.  I had met a new friend and we paired up some food and made a nice dinner party out of it.  I also enjoyed a few glasses of  Pinot Grigio by Beringer.

Last week, I had promised a post about 'Tooth Pain'. What do you know I didn't get to that this past as, again have been extremely busy.  I will be working on that this week as soon as I clear my bookkeeping tasks.  Sorry for the delay!!

Happy Thanksgiving Celebrations & Cheers~!

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Weekend Post

First, just a quick update on my salsa project.  I have made many different varieties of salsa and I calculated my costs on canning salsa, and this is definitely the way to go if you are on a budget. However, if you would rather tune into your favourite television show or you are busy as it is, then this might eat up your downtime.

I do rather enjoy being in a clean kitchen and canning.  In fact, I preclean the kitchen for any cooking reason such as baking or when doing a big meal.  I just hum a tune or get into my own mind space and tidy and clean.  Sometimes it can be enjoyable, and it is especially better to cook in an organized, clean and tidy kitchen.

So, currently I have already harvested most of my garden and dried herbs.  I actually was watching a blue-jay bird,  hop all over my garden pots looking for something to eat.  He or she keeps coming back, and so I try to sneak a picture but the bird takes off when I have a camera.  It is an ongoing thing to try to catch this bird in a picture.

I must purchase a food processor because I don't have one.  It's rather silly because I know how much faster the task could be, when preparing salsa or many various recipes that require that tool.  So when foods that require pulverizing or chopping in a recipe, it takes me somewhat longer to prepare.  So, I must try to budget for even a small food processor very soon.  I was thinking that could be my Christmas gift to myself, as it turns out that most gifts to myself are household implements I need.

One thing I would like back is a book I lent out.  Isle of Woman, which by my favourite author Piers Anthony.  I asked a couple times and got the same answer, that it was lost and I had combed my house over with no success (just to be sure I was not accusing unrightfully). There are more to the series so I will probably repurchase that gem one day.

Well, this weekend I am just going to finish up a few things that are past due.  My personal company has been very much needing my time.  Organizing is due as soon as I am completely finished fall and winter preparations, but that being said there is always something more to do....... and love chocolate is one of those things.

I have sampled various chocolate bars, including Godiva dark chocolate bar, Excellence Hazelnut chocolate bar (GIANT), and more at work as someone there had returned from their vacation to England and brought in the most delicious chocolates. I had two pieces of that dark chocolate!  WOW, talk about fresh and creamy. It is called Cotsworld Chocolate: Cotswold Chocolate Company
I would love to hear what your favourite chocolate is!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Game Time Quick Salsa

I haven't had salsa for some time!  I have picked up all the ingredients for salsa making and canning it up in jars.  I also freeze it if I run out of energy or time, and need to finish using up all the tomatoes.  Otherwise, I prepare a couple jars every evening and set them in the water bath canner pot.  I skipped today because I was just a little too tired from all the running around at the markets yesterday.

Now, you don't have to do what I do and can these up for winter.  In fact I don't preserve the following recipe I am sharing.  I have a variety of recipes, but  you certainly can make a small batch or bowl of any type salsa to enjoy while you skip the fast-food type snacks. You don't have to buy everything prepared and pay extra even if you don't have half of these ingredients.

If produce is too expensive where you are, make the canned version and if it's not fit for eating like a snack to you, serve it over grilled chicken with veggies and rice! I have been known to serve or bring salad type salsa and chips to parties, brimming with corn, avacado and more colorful peppers!  I guess I was bringing my own snack, because the greasy wings and fried foods were good in moderation too but I prefer to pig out on salsa and chips!

This one happens to be fast and gives you an alternative if you don't have ALL fresh ingredients, and if you have a container of this in the fridge prepared in advance, it's quickly ready and easy to devour.  My tip is to not just dip the chip, but load the chip with huge heaping portions of salsa.  I like it spicy and this makes it much healthier for you and you will get satisfied faster!

Game Time Salsa

Prep: 10 minutes

-3 medium ripe tomatoes, finely chopped  (tip: you can use a variety of tomatoes for optimum flavour)
OR 1 (14.5 oz./ 430 ml) can of diced tomatoes
-1 medium white onion chopped OR any type of onion such as red & green onions
-1 -3 jalapenos peppers, seeded and finely chopped OR omit spicy peppers and add a tsp. of chili powder
-1- 3 tbsp. fresh chopped cilantro OR 15 ml- 30 ml dried cilantro
-2 cloves of garlic OR a tsp. of garlic powder.
-1 tbsp. (15 ml) of freshly squeezed lemon or lime OR lemon or lime juice
-1/4 tsp. (1 ml.) salt
-pepper to taste

Cumin to taste is optional, but very much a flavour of Mexico.  If you have chosen to use the chili powder instead of spicy peppers,  skip the cumin as it's already in chili powder.  Sometimes it's better to let salsa sit and simmer all the flavours together, and other times just chilled is good enough.  Eat with tortilla chips or vegan crackers.  If you still include cheese in your diet, some grated cheese melted on the tortilla chips is very nice to add and will make up for the salsa if you did not use all fresh ingredients.

Directions:  In a medium bowl stir together tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, lemon juice and salt.  Serve with chips.  Makes 2 cups.

So, if you are in a rush this week and still want to keep eating relatively healthy try this out!
Have a great week!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Preparations and Organizing for Winter

I hope it wasn't difficult getting going this morning,.... did you get to bed at a good time last night?  Did you have your morning coffee?  The weather was nice where I am, although I am hearing the crispy leaves fall to the ground now one by one.  We are steadily approaching fall weather.

I have actually been getting together my to do lists this past weekend, doing chores, getting at harvesting the garden and overall organizing for colder weather.  I did some painting for crafts to sell, as I will need to get that completed in time for any winter market, craft or online sales.  I still will be needing a little fall cheer such as a pumpkin or a couple of gords.

So, how do you get ready for the snow to fly?  Is it vehicle preparations, home repairs and chimney cleaning, garden harvesting, yard work or canning.  It might be a little early to start getting your warm clothing ready, but I thought today we could go over the list!

It's still September but that can go by really fast.  We find that no one is willing to drive to garage sales in snow storms, so some people are still promoting their garage sales for fall.  I am doing the same on  Also, if you are moving or thinking of moving, it's nice to do that  prior to bad weather.  So perhaps, purging is perfect to do now and seeing what extra money you can acquire is going to be beneficial.

Money management would be another post, but if you are saving or reinvesting in areas where you will make money, instead of spending it foolishly going into winter that is recommended.  At least in Canada as we have long winters.

All through the year, I am watching what I am spending and what it is I am being charged but even so, it's a good time to review receipts or statements to do an overview of what you spent. For example, pay attention to fine print and make sure not to get yourself into a contract, that you cannot back out of.  I am noticing my service provider said they had a price increase, and they didn't notify me.  I reviewed the billing history and I believe I caught them charging me an overage of $12 in total.  If the price increase was as of recent, the total in adjustments - although that doesn't seem to be apparent but once calculated seems the price was increasing over the past months.   That money could be used towards something else.

 Then you can try to save some when it comes to holiday shopping, and perhaps if you have not done so you can save money in areas by bundling your services or taking advantage of promotions.  Then if you don't like how the services turned out you can cancel in springtime.  It's nice to save during the long winter months when bills and groceries are generally higher prices.  I also try to buy some pantry items when on sale in the fall.  Then I have most everything and don't need to pay higher prices near Christmas.  These things could be even as simple as a can of cranberry sauce or spices that you need for holiday dinners.

So today, I am not going to cover so much of the indoor preparedness list, but mainly the vehicle and outdoor winter preparing list.  There may be limited time you find to complete your outdoor tasks, and before it gets uncomfortably cold or there is little to no stock in the stores for the items you need it's good to get that out of the way.  I am not saying you have to purchase everything, but some items will save you time later on.

 Perhaps, you are stocking some firewood so that you be comfortable when it's very cold, and you can enjoy your indoor hobbies.  I like to obtain my dry firewood, and put it to the side. In my downtime, I should be finishing knitting projects of years past, as well as taking up writing an e-book this winter, but right now time is of the essence and we proceed to "button up the hatches" as they say.

Some plans can sure get altered in times of emergency, such as the flooding that happened here in Alberta.  I was prepared, and hence didn't have to rush around looking for supplies, or pay top dollar for anything. I barely made a move during the disaster, and toiled away at my upgrading courses.
I noticed even I could have been a bit more prepared for such instances, such as more firewood.  It's time to replenish some items you may have had to use, like batteries or candles. Water containers, drinking water and water filters are essential and should be kept ready all the time.  Again, I would recommend you do a Google search for a more in depth list for your home preparedness kit.

 In winter emergency situations, winter can call for perhaps more emergency items, so it's best to be prepared.  You might need heat, and if there is no electricity or fireplace, then it's best to have candles lit and stay in a smaller room to keep it warm enough.  I have done this before when an apartment building I was living at had every last heater freeze as it was that cold.   It's best to sort through your emergency items and take inventory.  Don't forget the pets, they also require food, medications and items for emergency!

Cleaning up the yard, doing your garden work and cultivating your garden are all part of fall preparation chores to do.  These are things to definitely finish off now, if not already and also tidying your garage, pack up the yard and overall de-cluttering the outdoors.  I also purchase canning jars, freezer bags, and items needed if you haven't already.  I have a case on hand, a canner and now I will  look out for good prices on produce from the market and get to storing food in the evenings.  This way you make use of your outdoor daylight hours, and then work on the food prepping little by little in the evening.  If you have a freezer to fill, and a family to feed then purchasing vegetables by the case would be ideal, such as green peppers for spaghetti or tomatoes for all kinds of meals. The whole family can help and you'll be done in not time.

So, here are some things you might need to prepare to do, but not limited to,  for the outdoors and winter vehicle preparation : add in your trunk an ice scraper, gloves,  a small snow shovel(s), de-icing compound, waterproof the floor mats in your vehicles, checking and replacing your vehicle batteries, checking and changing your seasonal tires to appropriate winter tires, and booking your appointments ahead of time for vehicle maintenance.  When it's cold or could get cold it's good to keep your gas tank full.  This way in a situation you have it and to prevent water freezing in the fuel lines.  You can get your bags of sand or kitty litter ready to put in your trunk for weight purposes, and to use for preventing tires slippage, jumper cables, tire chains, flares, flashlights, warm jacket, tuque or hat, scarf, snow boots and blanket(s) are also all good to store. You can decide to bag certain things in a plastic tote or bags, to keep them fresh, clean and dry.

You may also decide to invest in a first aid kit or put one together yourself, and have a jug of water readily available. You wouldn't want a frozen jug of water in the trunk so perhaps put it by the door everyday and take it with you. If you feel you need some non-perishable food or snacks, you could make yourself a cooler or backpack full of them, and take that with you everyday too.  Include yourself some money, like change or a calling card to use for payphones even if you have a cell phone.  You can depend on your cell phone, but in times of a snow storms or if you're out of the towers reach, your phone may not get signal and if you had seen a payphone you can make a necessary emergency call to 911.

Now if you live somewhere it doesn't snow then you are looking at a mild winter version of preparing but that is not to say it isn't your stormy season.  You may have to be weary of other weather conditions like hurricanes, hail or rain.  You might want to still have food, water, and other emergency items you see fit ready in your vehicle, and definitely research other things you might need in your conditions.  We do spend a lot of time commuting, so it's not just limited to family vacations that we may be stuck inside our vehicles on the freeway or need those items in general for any situations that arise.  It's better to be safe, than sorry and better to be comfortable,  than uncomfortable.

That will conclude today's post and now that we got the hard work out of the way; checking your lists now, could save you an extra trip or could save your life!

 I will be back next week... trying for Monday!!!


Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hearty Breakfast Pumpkin Muffins ~ Bourbon Style!

Thanks for reading my squirrely poem last week!  I have noticed a little more destruction of my garden, but I have been harvesting and eating produce from it. "Winning". :)

I thought I would share a delicious muffin recipe this week, a great one for fall!  I did make these delicious hearty breakfast muffins, and they were gobbled up fast!  I have no photos for you.

Pumpkins aren't in season all the time, but now we are closer to fall so they shouldn't be hard to obtain.  If you want you can use different fruits of your choice you can do that.   I have listed the recommended ones in the recipe instructions.  I also have my own style~ that's Bourbon style! I will list the recipe without the Bourbon first though, so you have that base first and the bourbon version is actually the alternative.

I know lots of people are watching football this Sunday, I have heard the hollering and cheering!
So, many of you may not have time to whip these up for tomorrow morning.  Maybe you can take a look at this recipe during this week, and pick-up ingredients you may need at the store.  Then bake them up next weekend.

When Monday arrives a hot coffee and one of these will set your day straight.  If you want to wait until you get some bourbon, or are gifted some Bourbon you can most certainly do that.  These are so tasty either way.  Coffee, tasty muffin, will travel!

Heart Breakfast Pumpkin Muffins

Here's the ingredient list:

2 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup wheat germ
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. allspice
1 cup mashed pumpkin
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 cup milk
1 egg
1/4 cup molasses
1/4 cup honey
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup chopped nuts (walnuts or pecans)

If you are making these Bourbon style, omit the honey and molasses.  Instead add 1/2 cup of packed brown sugar and 1/3 cup of Bourbon (cherry Bourbon is very good).   I usually eyeball it, I don't think too much bourbon should be used or the batter could turn out too runny, so be sparing at first and see how the consistency is.

**  If you don't like or have any pumpkin just yet, you can substitute banana, grated apple, carrot or zucchini.

In large bowl, combine all dry ingredients except raisins and nuts.  In small bowl, stir together wet ingredients including egg.  Add wet to dry ingredients and stir until just blended.  Add raisins and nuts.  Fill 12 greased muffin tins.  Bake at 375*F (190*C) for about 15-20 minutes or until done.
Makes 12 large muffins.

That's it!  Enjoy!!!  Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Squirrel Schemes

Squirrel Schemes- (A Poem About Squirrels in the Neighborhood)

I was watching a squirrel, he was searching on the ground,
He saw I was focused on him, got excited and ran around,

The squirrel was thinking that I had for him a little treat,
But I had no squirrel food to offer, that really would agree,

A noon standoff occurred and we tried to read each others face, 
I heard The Good, The Bad & The Ugly theme song start to play,

He looked up at me, and squinted his eyes, stood up kind of tall,
He thought he was invited up to my balcony, and started up the wall,

I grabbed the water gun and screamed and let him have a blast,
He retreated down and and looked back like this would not be the last!

Yes,  that's right he has formed a black squirrel nation,
The following attempts growing from their covert operations,

I seen the evidence that they had been around my rosemary herbs,
Burying blue jelly beans to mark the biggest vegetables to disturb,

I witnessed a ninja squirrel move to hijack my tomato plant,
Tipped toed but I saw him reaching for the fruit with a black gloved hand,

He knew his cover was blown and skydived off the rail,
He made it down the wall and disappeared because he failed

I quickly looked overboard and there was another black squirrel suited,
He realized the gig was up, and he knew this was his first queue,

I know they keep planning a big garden heist scheme,
As they chatter, wait and watch from the trees..........

Who will be the winner of the urban organic garden?  To Be Continued......
I hope you enjoyed that.  It is based on a true story.  Have a nice week!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Alberta Floods 2013

 Hello Everyone~ You may have heard about the Floods 2013, here in Alberta.  Many were affected, and there is a tremendous amount of damage done from the dangerous and rushing waters of the Bow River and the Elbow River. Unfortunately, and tragically there were some lost lives in the town of High River, and one elderly women who was 88 years old in the Mission area of Calgary.  My thoughts and prayers are with those families most affected by this natural disaster.

 I currently have been set back in studies I am taking, due to my school is still under water in the downtown area.  I had some set-backs from the power outages and my course is offline.  I may be able to share a post soon if I can stay caught up in my studies but in any event I cannot, I thank-you for your patience.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Garage Sale Weekend!

I was thinking about the garage and yard sales that will be ensuing this weekend, all over North America! Check out your needs and wants list, and see if you are able to check off some of those items at your local garage sale.  It's a buyers market! 

I am always interested in vintage and antique things and I operate a small shop on Etsy.  It could be a great time to find much needed inventory, especially if you hit the best garage sales and find unique and valuable items!

There might be some great things to grab for your own home decor, outdoor patio, husbands tool chest, or perhaps an upcoming Father's Day Gift.  So, here in Canada, I usually start my garage sale hunting on, online or in the newspaper classifieds, to spot out the best sales but also if you stay tuned to the neighborhood signs.  You can write down and plan your garage sales by location.  If they are close to home, maybe you can take a walk there on a nice sunny day.

In Canada, there will be garage sales starting now, and continuing through the summer.  In the U.S.A. it's likely been warmer since March, so there probably were lots of sales to get to! It is a great hobby if you have the time and a few dollars.  Depending on how far you would like to travel to get to the garage sales, and what you want to purchase perhaps a minivan or larger car is handy.

Otherwise, it can be a sustainable hobby if you keep it local, and some people do take transit.  I suggest purchasing a cart on wheels if you are taking the bus or train,  or perhaps just a sturdy material shopping bag.  This way if you do find something on the larger side you can haul it as comfortable as possible and it could be a good weekend for exercise!

In the past I have got quite lucky, with either cheap or free finds.  Yes, many places have free bins or if they don't sell certain items, they wind up free at the end! In that case, if you are struggling and need everything for your home, you could scope the sales out and then go back and see if anything turned up for free nearing the end of the sale.

This is a super way to budget and use your money for other things, while still being able to decorate with something or make your home more comfortable looking. I have found items in the past and some things brand new with price tags on for a fraction of the price at garage sales! They just needed a good cleaning or a small and cheap repair. 

Also, there are free listings for items again, on or other online sites that post items for sale.  Just use your discretion and perhaps don't contact people if you aren't serious about picking the item up or needing the item.  This way they don't hold it if someone else is more desperate. Also, I would use caution none the less, please don't meet up with people you don't know, unless you have another person with you as a witness and safety and in general use your street smarts.  I believe you can even meet with people at the Police station to make your Kijiji purchase.

I have spotted cool items around, and if you watch enough antiques roadshow or brush up on your antiques knowledge, you could spot something really valuable for not that much! Scour the sites and eBay that are selling antiques as well, and get your base knowledge down. Also, I find if your eye is attracted to something, even though it isn't that appealing when it comes to modern trends it most likely is worth something.  It is usually that love at first sight item that could be the cat's pyjamas! 

Here's a tip on being a buyer.  Don't act over-excited, unless you don't care about the price you are paying..... if the seller is open to negotiation, then  it's acceptable to try to bring the price down. If the owner or seller is not open to negotiations, determine if the item or product is what you really want.  You may find other items during your day of garage sales or the same item for much less, that you never thought you would find and now have spent less than your budget!

I would also suggest covering antiques or expensive collectibles with insurance, if you are serious about keeping your investment. You can consider how much money it would be to also insure that piece.  Years ago, I had a very unique and vintage blue glass and antique collection and it was stolen. I have since wrote off the collection (personally let it go even though I know who took it), as a donation to those that decided to lift it.  Also, I believe if they truly needed what they took then it was all worth it in the end, and it proved a lot.

I also donated a vintage dresser to The Interfaith Society. They will resell the dresser, but it's a place to find items for less and for families either just getting started or looking for true quality craftmanship.  It's nice they can afford something there.  When various organizations ask for money donations and with some good intent, perhaps it isn't always money we must think of as donations.  We can help out Interfaith or Women In Need Societies as well, by donating nice and gently used clothes and items you are not using anymore.

You may also opt to re-sell the item (s), if you are in need of money.   I have done it a few times and end up breaking even in terms of what I have bought versus sold.  It's a nice way to collect some funds back and use them for future purchases you may need at garage and yard sales.

Perhaps I will post more about this topic at another time, and if there is anyone who is reading this post, and have any tips when it comes to vintage and antiques,....please feel free to comment more suggestion below! Have a happy long weekend!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Blood pH & Current Reads

Coming from the weekend I am feeling kind of lazy.  It's grey outside, but not only that. I had some dark chocolate over the weekend and it had more sugar than I should have had. I did almost finish the entire chocolate bar!  I feel disappointed just because I now feel a bit lethargic, as if I need more sugar as I had been eating really healthy! But, one must not worry about the chocolate itself or anything for that matter, because worry and stress can turn your blood pH level to even more acidic.

Blood is what nourishes everything in your body, as it collects all the nutrients and minerals from the food you eat, that is needed to circulate throughout your tissues and cells.  Not only that, but your mood is affected by what you eat and do, and thus affects your blood stream and so can contribute to good or bad health.  Even when you are overworked you have now turned your blood an acidic pH, and your body starts breaking down.

Many people dispute information about pH levels and what it has to do with health.  Many people have a firm stance about the mainstream medical knowledge.  They have acquired this in conventional colleges and universities, and for the most part can be inflexible to learn anything new.

The easiest thing to remember and a good thing, is you can eat different foods and do different things, there is not one way to live.  I recommend to keep a balance in your diet, lifestyle and what works for you.  I would say this is best for healthy living!  That being said, one should always implement positive knowledge into your lifestyle.  So for example, if you learn that sugar is bad for you then perhaps try eliminating that from your everyday diet, and you can do this by replacing it with a healthier sweetener such as honey or maple syrup.  When we learn, it's time to use that knowledge.

Also, I would like you to know that when you microwave your food, you basically change the structure of the food and it is said that it turns your food to acidic pH. It's best to heat up leftovers in a pan or pot instead of microwaving anything.

You can turn to things like exercise and meditation to help regulate your mood and energy which alkalizes and affects your bloodstream.  You can also be more mindful of what you are doing, when you are eating and breathing.  Just as I say that, one can put that information to anything you are doing while you are living.

In my opinion, it's also important to drink plenty of high alkaline ionized water, and you can use things to make your water alkaline such as an "Alkalizing Bio delivery System" or I had recently seen that people use a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink that before bedtime.  Again, some people will not agree, but there is scientific and medical data that confirms this is helpful to your health.  It doesn't hurt to read more about this and look it up!

There is a link to a PDF Alkaline vs Acidic chart below.  I cannot find the exact one I have, but I did print mine so I can refer to what I am eating.  Remember, it takes 20 parts of Alkalinity to neutralize 1 part Acidity in the body, so you can help your blood pH level to neutralize along.  We need all types of foods in order for the electricity to activate in our body, so again a balance and choose less of the acid based foods and beverages.

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So to kick it off, this is my current book list:

-Manual For Living -REALITY by Seth David Chernoff
-Get Up, Stand Up by Bruce E.Levine
-Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas
-Transformation and Healing by Thich Nhat Hanh
-The Gentle Art of Blessing by Pierre Pradervand
-The Mammoth Book of Lost Symbols by Nadia Julien

I have to get reading now.  Have a blessed week!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Butter Me a Biscuit and Quick Pizza

Did you know there is a woman who says 'biscuit' 900 times per hour, totalling up to 16,000 times per day?  I am not that crazy about biscuits but this little recipe will fire you up about them a little more. 

Talk about a delicious different biscuit though!  It's a little spicy, but only complimentary and it goes well with an egg; fried or hard-boiled alike.  You can prepare these in advance as I did, on Saturday night for Sunday breakfast and have yourself a great brunch addition!
So, let's get to the biscuit today and have yourself a great week!

                  Savoury & Spicy Onion Serrano Pepper Tea Biscuits

YIELD: 15 biscuits
  • 2 cups of sifted all-purpose flour (use organic whole wheat for a healthier version)
  • 4 teaspoon baking powder (try to find aluminium free)
  • 1 teaspoon salt (sea salt is best)
  • 1/2 cup shortening, butter or margarine (I had margarine on hand)
  • 3/4 cup milk (low- fat)
  • 4 washed- well, un-seeded, and chopped Serrano Peppers (Retail $2.49 for a pack of 12-16- couldn't find organic)
  • 1/4 of finely chopped white onion
  • Food handling gloves if sensitive to spicy peppers; some peppers will tend to "burn" and heat skin especially if you improvised
  • Optional: If you use Habanero peppers instead use only 1 pepper- VERY hot but these peppers have been linked to shrinking cancerous growth.
Preheat oven to 400* F (205* ). Grease baking sheet, or line with parchment paper ( what I like to do),but this time I ran out of parchment and used aluminium foil to line the pan...... I will be using less aluminium foil for future reference! 

Combine all dry ingredients and stir well.  Cut in shortening with a fork, until it is a fine crumb mixture.  Stir in milk with a fork, stir and add the chopped Serrano and white onions.  Make a soft dough using all flour in the bowl, and then knead 8-10 times on a clean, lightly floured board.
You may have a few pieces of onions or peppers pop out, and just add them into the dough again. 

Roll out the dough into a 1/2" thick and cut round biscuits; either with a round cookie cutter or glass to make perfect sizes, and lightly flour the cutter of choice to help keep dough from sticking at all.  Bake on pan for 12-15 minutes, if you use this dough for a pizza, them bake about 20 minutes!

Yes, there is an option of making about 10 biscuits and a small mini pizza, or you could make a few mini pizzas.  I used some dough, and rolled it out in a small round pizza size. Smooth pizza sauce on top, and add what ingredients you like!  I made my version vegetarian with some roasted eggplant, garlic and feta cheese, topped with some mozzarella.

Take the pan out and remove biscuits at the recommended time, top your pizza with the mozzarella and put the pizza back into the oven for another 5- 7 minutes equal to the 20 minutes of the recommended time for baking the pizza.  Just keep and eye on it.  I like the sides a little brown but not too much and then I turn the oven off and take it out!  Perfecto!

 Enjoy, and I hope it spices up your week!

Friday, April 19, 2013

New Post Friday on Illaqueen's Corner!

Hi Everyone~!  I just wanted to share my other blog with new posts going up on it weekly.
Illaqueen's Corner Blog

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Radical Raw Salad!

I wanted to share a great salad recipe and we can all obtain more produce from our gardens or on our travels to the store, all year round to fight off disease!

To make this salad, was not hard, I mean a salad is a salad right?  Not really, some are more nutritious and "raw" food eating is different, this is why I chose to make-up a dinner raw- style salad.  I also cooked wild rice and herbs for a small dish, but that is not raw.  It might be Vegetarian though.  Basically, no meat in this dinner and you may remember Bart and Homer, from The Simpson's, chiming "You can't make friends with salad!"  Well, I beg to differ! ;)
                                                           Radical Raw Salad

3 organic carrots
1 Ambrose apple
1/2 a bundle of spinach
1vine ripened hot house tomato
1/8 cup of chopped, water soaked almonds (24 hours in the fridge)

3 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 small piece of peeled ginger, small amount finely grated
1/2 tsp of ground cumin
1/3 cup of regular yellow mustard
1 tablespoon unpasteurized honey
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar to mix
clean jar with lid to shake all dressing ingredients

Those are the ingredients; not everything was organic, some was local or very close to it.  The tomato and apple was not.  I tried to make using my garnishing secrets book and tools.  Nothing worked for me, like trying spirals, but I will attempt another time again.

So, all produce gets washed really well with water; carrots got peeled, washed and grated into my bowl, the spinach must be strained well. Then I chopped into smaller pieces and added it in the bowl, cut the tomato and added that into the bowl. 

I had  the almonds already soaked, 24 hours previously, so this is a step you will want to to do beforehand or skip it altogether and eat then normal and crunchy. It makes them easier to digest when they are soaked and it breaks down the phytic acids.  Then I cut them into slivers.  Make the dressing and cut the apple last so it doesn't brown so much; this is because my apple did brown but it was delicious anyways.

More on why soaking nuts is necessary: Soak Your Nuts

The dressing is everything on the list, put into the jar and shake very well.  Taste test!  I added more pepper, and I grate fresh pepper on top of my salad.  I will be showing you more ways to make recipes that are easy and raw..... or even organic on a budget! Enjoy!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Purity Products Review

The month isn't over yet and while I am not finished

I wanted to touch base about a free radio offer I tried out and so I have reviewed the free Purity Product I called in for when I heard about it listening to the AM country stations,...... yes, well while studying.  Purity Products Blueberry Detox- Daily Fibre Formula was offered for a free 15 Day Trial, and the catch was if you don't call to cancel prior to that 15 days,  you would be put on the Super Saver Auto shipment Program.  You know, a new shipment whether you need it or not, as you are subscribed to it and will be charged monthly on your credit card.

It was called "Blueberry Detox Advanced Daily Fibre Formula", Purity Products is said to provide superior quality "Evidence Based Nutritional Supplements". The doctor was on the radio program was on, being one of the doctor's from Purity Products panel, spoke about the benefits that are being revealed by science on the good health berries provide.

It turns out, especially blueberries, while this formula does contain other berries like Blackberry concentrate, Raspberries, and Goji Berries.  This formula they boasted would cleanse & detoxify, curb your appetite, give healthy regularity, healthy cholesterol, weight management and energy and vitality.  I thought it might be good to detox a bit after the winter and with my new health regime.  I had not been getting enough fibre, and thought this way may be convenient. Mix and drink.

It was also hassle free to enroll and get the radio show offer provided,  they only ask you pay shipping charges of $4.95.  Although, here was their chance to offer you  more (upsales) and hope you stay on each automatic shipment program for each product.  The Customer Service Representative recommended a 'Free 15 Day Ultimate H.A. Formula Pills', to go along with the Blueberry Detox.  It was supposed to support healthy, flexible joints and mobility, supports normal shock-absorbing capacity of joints, and promotes healthy youthful skin.  This would be an additional $2.95 making the total charge to my credit card $6.95.  I thought it might not be bad to try the Ultimate H.A. pills as recommended, because of the healthy youthful skin benefit.

I received everything within 5-7 days as promised, as well as a drink bottle that was provided to mix the powder and water. I tried the Blueberry Detox right away.  You measure a tablespoon of the blueberry looking powder (purple actually- due to berries combined color), and then you add 10 ounces of water.  The measurement lines are on the drink bottle they provided.  It comes with a separator screen for the fibrous powder (clogs up)  that the powder makes once you add water.  It almost drinks like a meal in that it's got a psyllium texture. 

To tell you the truth, I started to get the feeling I wasn't able to use the washroom, after using the Blueberry Detox it for a few days..... and my stomach hurt and cramped.  If anything I just felt like there was gas building in my stomach and nothing was leaving.  Maybe that is TMI and sorry, but it's the truth! I might have kept using it and something positive could have happened, or something that I might have been embarrassed about could have also happened.  I thought this was not the effect I should be getting, but I kept having the recommended helping for at least another day or two, to give it a chance but then I stopped completely as the tummy problems continued for me.  It could have been anything else I was eating too, but had no previous stomach objections to the food I eat. I had made no other changes to my body either.

I tried the Ultimate H.A. pills, it says adults should take 3 capsules with a meal but I decided to start and I would eat a meal and take only 1 capsule, because I wanted to take it easy the first time.  It's a good thing, as my stomach was very acid-like after, I actually got sick and needed tums to settle the acid in my stomach.  It was more in the morning that I was ill, and I had not eaten anything exotic so that it was not caused from a foreign food.  This just wasn't good for me.

So, nonetheless, it could have been just my reaction to it all, I called Purity Products and cancelled my "Super-Saver Program Membership".  That is one other thing, it seems quite expensive for the Blueberry Detox if you stay on the program.  You do save 30% off the retail price but they ship you 3 bottles of Blueberry Detox at $36.65 each bottle, every 3 months.  Also, the Ultimate H.A. ships out (if you don't cancel) 3 bottle at $22.00 each, every 3 months (+ shipping at $4.95).  I might have stayed trying the Blueberry Detox a bit longer, and it was offered to me by the C.S.R. to try it on a longer trial period of a month as recommended by their floor manager.  It still seemed so iffy to me since it had not done what I thought in a matter of 4-5 days, and prior my "system" was regular. 
The Customer Care was absolutely pleasant, and they do seem qualified as every time, first and last call they handle it all fairly efficiently and fast.  I would like to mention they do have a 60 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, but you will have to provide the shipping fee back to the company for the bottles to be returned.  This is for items you purchase, not the free bottle offer.
Purity has also teamed up with "The Vitamin Angel Alliance".  Learn more at as they are helping to to stop child blindness related to Vitamin A deficiency in under developed nations.
Well, not a bad company, although the products I have tried so far didn't sit well.  I am sure they do have people that cancel the "free radio offer" promotion, all the time but in this case, I just wasn't satisfied with how I felt after starting to try the products.  If there is anything else you may want to know, you can check out the website at .
 Sorry, the quality of the pictures are not great, but here's the products. I mixed some Blueberry Detox power up too.
 Well, that's all for now~!  See you  next time with some healthy but tasty recipes to start off spring! 

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Did you know? Health Matters!

This is my "Did You Know- Health Matters" post, which comes from an informative program I listened to.  I rushed at the chance when I had a moment to put up from great and helpful information.

I will be trying to help in at least the smallest ways I can to inform people, about things I come across about health and happiness.  They kind of go hand in hand, don't you think?
Don't forget to check out my other blog Illaqueen's Corner for more healthy recipes!

When I do watch television, I watch shows about health and helping the body.  I am interested in and learn a lot among my studies.  PBS (Public Television) has been my favorite channel, even with other channels I choose that one for the great programs and things to learn.

Getting right into it, I was watching about brain health today.  Living a long healthy life with a good brain can be done.  Apparently, some of the oldest people on Earth, eat sweet potatoes.  Taking on a Mediterranean diet could very well save your life in many ways, and make you more cognitive well into your older years.  There are some young 100 year old's there!

Vitamin E is super for you, and a handful of nuts gives you almost the recommended amount that is required in a day and from a non-pill form.  It's not recommended that you only get your nutrients from taking supplements. In fact, vitamin E is one of those.  It's essential to to get it from some real whole foods everyday.  Studies show that it will extend your life and your brain health.

What's super bad for you is aluminum and surprisingly it is put into our tap water at the treatment plants.  I really cannot re-explain why they put it in there, but it comes into our water.  If you want to remove it, it's not easily done with a regular water filter. Salt packets even contain it for the aluminium helps to de-coagulate the salt. To remove it from your drinking water one should get a reverse osmosis machine. Bottle water is recommended, which is scary because I don't like to use and promote lots of plastics, plus there is no guarantee of the quality of water in the bottles.  So that is something interesting, and one should probably opt for a natural spring water instead.

Aside from tonight's program, I learned a few things here and there along the way.  You must get your Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and there are supplements but also natural food sources to get that.  Another odd fact, is did you know that the water you are drinking may not be getting absorbed and hydrating your body unless you have sufficient amounts of Omega 3's?  I take Jamieson Natural Sources 3-6-9 Omega Fatty Acids now that I heard that and it does say it's naturally sourced.  I really have no idea for sure and if that means it's not synthetic which could be worse or not, I suppose that should be good unless you are a vegan.

You also need lots of antioxidants and as well as vitamin E.  Another wonderful antioxidant is Vitamin C.  Not only is this a well-known and taken vitamin, but it can really make a difference in skin, tone and youthfulness. You can find it in many fruits and vegetables, like plums, apples, onions and all berries.

Vitamin A is great for you as well, and found in basically in fruits too.   Beta- Carotene and carotenoids are needed and found in carrots. You also need Zinc and Selenium.  Here is some more information to come back to on those important minerals.  I do know that Brazil nuts have one of the highest amounts of Selenium.  Zinc and Selenium

 Don't forget if you are not eating right you are not giving your body what it needs!

Even scars are erased with a regimen of Vitamin C, E, K.   Taken topically, is beneficial and I must say if you can find Vitamin K face lotion or creme, it can help speed healing or at least it did for me.
It can dramatically help skin tone and lessen the look of wrinkles or fine lines.  Some sources are basically in the greens like kale, spinach, collard greens, and Swiss chard.  These are the top choices for greens with the most potent amount of vitamin K.  Actually, there are amazing things that Vitamin K can do for your health as well, see the group of links below this article.

For more skin beauty and nutrition try some of these vitamins in your homemade facials. You don't need to go shopping for a lot of exotic fruits they can be just ordinary, but preferably organic fruits. Keep your peels of apples and oranges,  you can put it areas that need a boost after your normal cleansing routine.

But the best way to have great health, brain, hair and skin  is to eat a BALANCED and real foods diet.  This promoted with exercise can ward off diseases.  Learn and search out more from health food stores and when you start to ask the questions, you'd be surprised what you can be learn.  You need lots of brain power to learn.

~It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows. (Epictetus)

Walking 3 times a week for 10 minutes each time, and working up to 45 minutes after a couple weeks is recommended.  It not only keeps your figure a little leaner but burns off toxins off of your brain! 
I have posted a link (in the group) below.

Some things that you can do that will help your brain health, is Sudoko puzzles, wordplay like crosswords and such, watch documentaries that are stimulating.... do some brain push ups and it starts connecting the dots really quickly.

Strengthening cells in your brain is how we must build up our brain stamina. is a site that help stimulate your brain and cognitive abilities.  I would say a cheaper and cozier way to trick you brain into flexing, is to curl up and do your favourite crossword puzzles.  I actually was doing one on my tablet, until my screen cracked mysteriously so it's back to the books.

 Also, I found a handy chart on Web MD to find out if you are eating all the minerals and vitamins you need.  I am probably not.  Add some things to your grocery list and then try to implement more nutrition into all your meals.  Breakfast should be the biggest and healthiest meal of the day, so perhaps try to add more smoothies or healthy breakfast drinks in there if you are in a rush or just not
used to eating a lot at other meals in the day.

Currently, I am in school and must finish up the evening with some more homework!  Good Luck!

Better Brain Health

Vitamin K

Food Sources for Vitamins and Minerals