Monday, April 29, 2013

Blood pH & Current Reads

Coming from the weekend I am feeling kind of lazy.  It's grey outside, but not only that. I had some dark chocolate over the weekend and it had more sugar than I should have had. I did almost finish the entire chocolate bar!  I feel disappointed just because I now feel a bit lethargic, as if I need more sugar as I had been eating really healthy! But, one must not worry about the chocolate itself or anything for that matter, because worry and stress can turn your blood pH level to even more acidic.

Blood is what nourishes everything in your body, as it collects all the nutrients and minerals from the food you eat, that is needed to circulate throughout your tissues and cells.  Not only that, but your mood is affected by what you eat and do, and thus affects your blood stream and so can contribute to good or bad health.  Even when you are overworked you have now turned your blood an acidic pH, and your body starts breaking down.

Many people dispute information about pH levels and what it has to do with health.  Many people have a firm stance about the mainstream medical knowledge.  They have acquired this in conventional colleges and universities, and for the most part can be inflexible to learn anything new.

The easiest thing to remember and a good thing, is you can eat different foods and do different things, there is not one way to live.  I recommend to keep a balance in your diet, lifestyle and what works for you.  I would say this is best for healthy living!  That being said, one should always implement positive knowledge into your lifestyle.  So for example, if you learn that sugar is bad for you then perhaps try eliminating that from your everyday diet, and you can do this by replacing it with a healthier sweetener such as honey or maple syrup.  When we learn, it's time to use that knowledge.

Also, I would like you to know that when you microwave your food, you basically change the structure of the food and it is said that it turns your food to acidic pH. It's best to heat up leftovers in a pan or pot instead of microwaving anything.

You can turn to things like exercise and meditation to help regulate your mood and energy which alkalizes and affects your bloodstream.  You can also be more mindful of what you are doing, when you are eating and breathing.  Just as I say that, one can put that information to anything you are doing while you are living.

In my opinion, it's also important to drink plenty of high alkaline ionized water, and you can use things to make your water alkaline such as an "Alkalizing Bio delivery System" or I had recently seen that people use a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink that before bedtime.  Again, some people will not agree, but there is scientific and medical data that confirms this is helpful to your health.  It doesn't hurt to read more about this and look it up!

There is a link to a PDF Alkaline vs Acidic chart below.  I cannot find the exact one I have, but I did print mine so I can refer to what I am eating.  Remember, it takes 20 parts of Alkalinity to neutralize 1 part Acidity in the body, so you can help your blood pH level to neutralize along.  We need all types of foods in order for the electricity to activate in our body, so again a balance and choose less of the acid based foods and beverages.

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So to kick it off, this is my current book list:

-Manual For Living -REALITY by Seth David Chernoff
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-Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas
-Transformation and Healing by Thich Nhat Hanh
-The Gentle Art of Blessing by Pierre Pradervand
-The Mammoth Book of Lost Symbols by Nadia Julien

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