Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Squirrel Schemes

Squirrel Schemes- (A Poem About Squirrels in the Neighborhood)

I was watching a squirrel, he was searching on the ground,
He saw I was focused on him, got excited and ran around,

The squirrel was thinking that I had for him a little treat,
But I had no squirrel food to offer, that really would agree,

A noon standoff occurred and we tried to read each others face, 
I heard The Good, The Bad & The Ugly theme song start to play,

He looked up at me, and squinted his eyes, stood up kind of tall,
He thought he was invited up to my balcony, and started up the wall,

I grabbed the water gun and screamed and let him have a blast,
He retreated down and and looked back like this would not be the last!

Yes,  that's right he has formed a black squirrel nation,
The following attempts growing from their covert operations,

I seen the evidence that they had been around my rosemary herbs,
Burying blue jelly beans to mark the biggest vegetables to disturb,

I witnessed a ninja squirrel move to hijack my tomato plant,
Tipped toed but I saw him reaching for the fruit with a black gloved hand,

He knew his cover was blown and skydived off the rail,
He made it down the wall and disappeared because he failed

I quickly looked overboard and there was another black squirrel suited,
He realized the gig was up, and he knew this was his first queue,

I know they keep planning a big garden heist scheme,
As they chatter, wait and watch from the trees..........

Who will be the winner of the urban organic garden?  To Be Continued......
I hope you enjoyed that.  It is based on a true story.  Have a nice week!


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