Saturday, October 05, 2013

Weekend Post

First, just a quick update on my salsa project.  I have made many different varieties of salsa and I calculated my costs on canning salsa, and this is definitely the way to go if you are on a budget. However, if you would rather tune into your favourite television show or you are busy as it is, then this might eat up your downtime.

I do rather enjoy being in a clean kitchen and canning.  In fact, I preclean the kitchen for any cooking reason such as baking or when doing a big meal.  I just hum a tune or get into my own mind space and tidy and clean.  Sometimes it can be enjoyable, and it is especially better to cook in an organized, clean and tidy kitchen.

So, currently I have already harvested most of my garden and dried herbs.  I actually was watching a blue-jay bird,  hop all over my garden pots looking for something to eat.  He or she keeps coming back, and so I try to sneak a picture but the bird takes off when I have a camera.  It is an ongoing thing to try to catch this bird in a picture.

I must purchase a food processor because I don't have one.  It's rather silly because I know how much faster the task could be, when preparing salsa or many various recipes that require that tool.  So when foods that require pulverizing or chopping in a recipe, it takes me somewhat longer to prepare.  So, I must try to budget for even a small food processor very soon.  I was thinking that could be my Christmas gift to myself, as it turns out that most gifts to myself are household implements I need.

One thing I would like back is a book I lent out.  Isle of Woman, which by my favourite author Piers Anthony.  I asked a couple times and got the same answer, that it was lost and I had combed my house over with no success (just to be sure I was not accusing unrightfully). There are more to the series so I will probably repurchase that gem one day.

Well, this weekend I am just going to finish up a few things that are past due.  My personal company has been very much needing my time.  Organizing is due as soon as I am completely finished fall and winter preparations, but that being said there is always something more to do....... and love chocolate is one of those things.

I have sampled various chocolate bars, including Godiva dark chocolate bar, Excellence Hazelnut chocolate bar (GIANT), and more at work as someone there had returned from their vacation to England and brought in the most delicious chocolates. I had two pieces of that dark chocolate!  WOW, talk about fresh and creamy. It is called Cotsworld Chocolate: Cotswold Chocolate Company
I would love to hear what your favourite chocolate is!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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