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Did you know? Health Matters!

This is my "Did You Know- Health Matters" post, which comes from an informative program I listened to.  I rushed at the chance when I had a moment to put up from great and helpful information.

I will be trying to help in at least the smallest ways I can to inform people, about things I come across about health and happiness.  They kind of go hand in hand, don't you think?
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When I do watch television, I watch shows about health and helping the body.  I am interested in and learn a lot among my studies.  PBS (Public Television) has been my favorite channel, even with other channels I choose that one for the great programs and things to learn.

Getting right into it, I was watching about brain health today.  Living a long healthy life with a good brain can be done.  Apparently, some of the oldest people on Earth, eat sweet potatoes.  Taking on a Mediterranean diet could very well save your life in many ways, and make you more cognitive well into your older years.  There are some young 100 year old's there!

Vitamin E is super for you, and a handful of nuts gives you almost the recommended amount that is required in a day and from a non-pill form.  It's not recommended that you only get your nutrients from taking supplements. In fact, vitamin E is one of those.  It's essential to to get it from some real whole foods everyday.  Studies show that it will extend your life and your brain health.

What's super bad for you is aluminum and surprisingly it is put into our tap water at the treatment plants.  I really cannot re-explain why they put it in there, but it comes into our water.  If you want to remove it, it's not easily done with a regular water filter. Salt packets even contain it for the aluminium helps to de-coagulate the salt. To remove it from your drinking water one should get a reverse osmosis machine. Bottle water is recommended, which is scary because I don't like to use and promote lots of plastics, plus there is no guarantee of the quality of water in the bottles.  So that is something interesting, and one should probably opt for a natural spring water instead.

Aside from tonight's program, I learned a few things here and there along the way.  You must get your Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and there are supplements but also natural food sources to get that.  Another odd fact, is did you know that the water you are drinking may not be getting absorbed and hydrating your body unless you have sufficient amounts of Omega 3's?  I take Jamieson Natural Sources 3-6-9 Omega Fatty Acids now that I heard that and it does say it's naturally sourced.  I really have no idea for sure and if that means it's not synthetic which could be worse or not, I suppose that should be good unless you are a vegan.

You also need lots of antioxidants and as well as vitamin E.  Another wonderful antioxidant is Vitamin C.  Not only is this a well-known and taken vitamin, but it can really make a difference in skin, tone and youthfulness. You can find it in many fruits and vegetables, like plums, apples, onions and all berries.

Vitamin A is great for you as well, and found in basically in fruits too.   Beta- Carotene and carotenoids are needed and found in carrots. You also need Zinc and Selenium.  Here is some more information to come back to on those important minerals.  I do know that Brazil nuts have one of the highest amounts of Selenium.  Zinc and Selenium

 Don't forget if you are not eating right you are not giving your body what it needs!

Even scars are erased with a regimen of Vitamin C, E, K.   Taken topically, is beneficial and I must say if you can find Vitamin K face lotion or creme, it can help speed healing or at least it did for me.
It can dramatically help skin tone and lessen the look of wrinkles or fine lines.  Some sources are basically in the greens like kale, spinach, collard greens, and Swiss chard.  These are the top choices for greens with the most potent amount of vitamin K.  Actually, there are amazing things that Vitamin K can do for your health as well, see the group of links below this article.

For more skin beauty and nutrition try some of these vitamins in your homemade facials. You don't need to go shopping for a lot of exotic fruits they can be just ordinary, but preferably organic fruits. Keep your peels of apples and oranges,  you can put it areas that need a boost after your normal cleansing routine.

But the best way to have great health, brain, hair and skin  is to eat a BALANCED and real foods diet.  This promoted with exercise can ward off diseases.  Learn and search out more from health food stores and when you start to ask the questions, you'd be surprised what you can be learn.  You need lots of brain power to learn.

~It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows. (Epictetus)

Walking 3 times a week for 10 minutes each time, and working up to 45 minutes after a couple weeks is recommended.  It not only keeps your figure a little leaner but burns off toxins off of your brain! 
I have posted a link (in the group) below.

Some things that you can do that will help your brain health, is Sudoko puzzles, wordplay like crosswords and such, watch documentaries that are stimulating.... do some brain push ups and it starts connecting the dots really quickly.

Strengthening cells in your brain is how we must build up our brain stamina. is a site that help stimulate your brain and cognitive abilities.  I would say a cheaper and cozier way to trick you brain into flexing, is to curl up and do your favourite crossword puzzles.  I actually was doing one on my tablet, until my screen cracked mysteriously so it's back to the books.

 Also, I found a handy chart on Web MD to find out if you are eating all the minerals and vitamins you need.  I am probably not.  Add some things to your grocery list and then try to implement more nutrition into all your meals.  Breakfast should be the biggest and healthiest meal of the day, so perhaps try to add more smoothies or healthy breakfast drinks in there if you are in a rush or just not
used to eating a lot at other meals in the day.

Currently, I am in school and must finish up the evening with some more homework!  Good Luck!

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