Monday, October 29, 2012

Tributes and Sweet People

It's been a busy weekend!  I love it when I am accomplishing stuff. but it's nice to relax and give our nervous system a rest.  I have been saving up my shout outs. :)

I have to mention my neighbour tonight. She gave me a very nice gift from the heart, she brought me a box from Willow Tree, and in it was a statue of a angel holding a little grey cat. The wings of the angel are metal, and it's an original Willow Tree figure hand carved by Susan Lordi called "With Affection I love our friendship!".

I thought this was a very thoughtful token and she included a nice card, saying as she thought it was something to remember my cat by.  How sweet and I already thought she was nice before that but I was truly touched.  Now I put it on the mantle and it is so perfectly cute.  I have also purchased a Willow Tree figure with meaning to it, to give to someone else and I do love these works of art ny Willow Tree.

I picked up Kiki's paw imprints not long ago from McKnight Veterinary Clinic. I hung up the hand painted clay oval with his imprints on a small wall by the front door,  but decided to put it away in my keepsake tote later one.  I chose the option to match the paint to the colour his fur as they said they can match the white.  Does that sound strange?   They provide the fur that they cut off, quite a bit in a bag.  I was surprised. It was super sad to see.  Tears ran down my cheeks once I was in the car on the way home, but they did a nice job and I have something more to remember Kiki by.

After Kiki passed awat, a vendor I work with, from work offered to make a custom bobble head of my cat in tribute too, at no cost.  It takes about 9 -12 weeks, It was a gracious offer but it didn't pan out. I sent him 2 good pictures of Kiki and didn't hear back.  Too bad, as I thought it would be neat to see what they came up with to capture a view of my cat's personality, but again it was a nice thought.

There have been many people showing me support through this, and I really appreciate them too.  Since losing my cat Kiki, was and still is difficult for me it sure was nice to have a great colleague or two, who were there for me.  Some people I barely know but there are many actual animal lovers out there who know what I went through!  I mean to say, some pet owners are not really the best representatives of animal lovers.  I still have not put Kiki's things away, just into some boxes and given some things that can be used to a lady I knew who has a cat.  I thought the teeth wipes and some other toiletries for cats should be used before they dry out or expire.

Lately, it's just been hard and I am sometimes lazy and partly because I am still upset over Kiki's passing.  No one can tell others to get over it in a week or a month, if you have spent a long time with a pet.  I will work through it on my own time and terms.  Well, it's late but some milk and cookies are in order.  Kiki would approve especially the milk part. 

Have a great week!


                                               Look at his little face. lol He was a cool kitty.

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