Monday, August 20, 2012

R.I.P. Kiki Bear

I am finally coming around to speaking about it and update you guys.  It's been the worst summer and the most sad one and I did end up losing my beloved cat Kiki Bear.  I posted you about his paw infection and what was going on in the past.

Well, my cat passed away on July 24th, after issues with his health.  I am not sure why as the paw infection was clearing up and then the vet said the paw should be healing quicker.  So she had to give Kiki Convenia, which is an injectable antibiotic.  She administered it to him after other antibiotics seemed to be resistant or not working.  However, once injected, Convenia is in the system and does not break down fast in fact it is believed to have killed some pets.  I had no idea and listened to the vet and I could have asked more questions or asked for more time to look into this drug myself.  I did not and accepted the care for Kiki.

If you look it up, Convenia can result in adverse affects in older cats.  I did not receive the support I
think that I needed from the vet when "shit was hitting the fan", as they didn't want to see him on an emergency when he was not breathing after the shot had been given to him.  It was literally that evening after the injectable shot took place, that he started to get weaker and have troubles eating, but I thought it was hot and put a fan on him.  Since we had left the vets office, I thought he might need time to relax as Kiki would get worked up easily when leaving the house.  He was a cat afterall and not all cats are comfortable moving or leaving their homes and they tend to get sketchy about it.  By Saturday, he seemed to be more tired and by Sunday he was heaving and having more troubles.  I was worried and I called a  24 hour emergency veterinarian hospital, and was hoping they could give me second opinion.  I took him there the next day after work, since I needed to make some more sales to afford more care for him.  So once at the emergency clinic, they needed to put him on oxygen and then it was too late.  He didn't make it onto oxygen.

I am devastated and actually at times I still look for him and I just don't believe he is gone.  It's been a month since he passed away, and I have no answers as to his final treatment of the lethal injection of Convenia given to him by the vet.  She sluffed it off as Kiki may have had underlying conditions and that could be right, however, I just don't think that causation by the lethal drug was addressed properly.  In fact, wouldn't a vet want to know more so she doesn't make any misdiagnoses on other's pets in the future?  I try to think about safety and how I failed my cat in that regard, and perhaps he would have lived longer but I hope he was not in pain when he left.  He gave me a kiss and he snuggled to me, as if his way of saying goodbye.  He was everything to me and I tried my best, but who doesn't think back and think about things they could have done for their pets, perhaps better or researched more or known more about what the vet would put into his body.  After all, we should take that same advice for ourselves as well.  I understand he is in heaven now and that puts my mind to ease.

I loved Kiki, one of the greatest pets I have had the honor of spending my time with.  Thank God for him and he and I were together though thick and thin.  I think of how much Kiki did for me, and I for him and how we built a close friendship, often not replaced by any humans that I have met.  When I was tired or sad, he always cheered me up.  At times he also bit my legs, and scratched for what I thought was no reason, but it's just that I didn't understand what he was trying to tell me.  Perhaps he had a toothache or something else.  I guess the point is he made me feel a sense of family and responsibility, so I always tried my best to take care of the both of us.  I felt like he depended on me and that drove me to doing better, at work, at home and everyday in life.  RIP my friend. Thank-you Kiki Bear.  You will be missed and always loved.

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