Friday, March 29, 2013

Purity Products Review

The month isn't over yet and while I am not finished

I wanted to touch base about a free radio offer I tried out and so I have reviewed the free Purity Product I called in for when I heard about it listening to the AM country stations,...... yes, well while studying.  Purity Products Blueberry Detox- Daily Fibre Formula was offered for a free 15 Day Trial, and the catch was if you don't call to cancel prior to that 15 days,  you would be put on the Super Saver Auto shipment Program.  You know, a new shipment whether you need it or not, as you are subscribed to it and will be charged monthly on your credit card.

It was called "Blueberry Detox Advanced Daily Fibre Formula", Purity Products is said to provide superior quality "Evidence Based Nutritional Supplements". The doctor was on the radio program was on, being one of the doctor's from Purity Products panel, spoke about the benefits that are being revealed by science on the good health berries provide.

It turns out, especially blueberries, while this formula does contain other berries like Blackberry concentrate, Raspberries, and Goji Berries.  This formula they boasted would cleanse & detoxify, curb your appetite, give healthy regularity, healthy cholesterol, weight management and energy and vitality.  I thought it might be good to detox a bit after the winter and with my new health regime.  I had not been getting enough fibre, and thought this way may be convenient. Mix and drink.

It was also hassle free to enroll and get the radio show offer provided,  they only ask you pay shipping charges of $4.95.  Although, here was their chance to offer you  more (upsales) and hope you stay on each automatic shipment program for each product.  The Customer Service Representative recommended a 'Free 15 Day Ultimate H.A. Formula Pills', to go along with the Blueberry Detox.  It was supposed to support healthy, flexible joints and mobility, supports normal shock-absorbing capacity of joints, and promotes healthy youthful skin.  This would be an additional $2.95 making the total charge to my credit card $6.95.  I thought it might not be bad to try the Ultimate H.A. pills as recommended, because of the healthy youthful skin benefit.

I received everything within 5-7 days as promised, as well as a drink bottle that was provided to mix the powder and water. I tried the Blueberry Detox right away.  You measure a tablespoon of the blueberry looking powder (purple actually- due to berries combined color), and then you add 10 ounces of water.  The measurement lines are on the drink bottle they provided.  It comes with a separator screen for the fibrous powder (clogs up)  that the powder makes once you add water.  It almost drinks like a meal in that it's got a psyllium texture. 

To tell you the truth, I started to get the feeling I wasn't able to use the washroom, after using the Blueberry Detox it for a few days..... and my stomach hurt and cramped.  If anything I just felt like there was gas building in my stomach and nothing was leaving.  Maybe that is TMI and sorry, but it's the truth! I might have kept using it and something positive could have happened, or something that I might have been embarrassed about could have also happened.  I thought this was not the effect I should be getting, but I kept having the recommended helping for at least another day or two, to give it a chance but then I stopped completely as the tummy problems continued for me.  It could have been anything else I was eating too, but had no previous stomach objections to the food I eat. I had made no other changes to my body either.

I tried the Ultimate H.A. pills, it says adults should take 3 capsules with a meal but I decided to start and I would eat a meal and take only 1 capsule, because I wanted to take it easy the first time.  It's a good thing, as my stomach was very acid-like after, I actually got sick and needed tums to settle the acid in my stomach.  It was more in the morning that I was ill, and I had not eaten anything exotic so that it was not caused from a foreign food.  This just wasn't good for me.

So, nonetheless, it could have been just my reaction to it all, I called Purity Products and cancelled my "Super-Saver Program Membership".  That is one other thing, it seems quite expensive for the Blueberry Detox if you stay on the program.  You do save 30% off the retail price but they ship you 3 bottles of Blueberry Detox at $36.65 each bottle, every 3 months.  Also, the Ultimate H.A. ships out (if you don't cancel) 3 bottle at $22.00 each, every 3 months (+ shipping at $4.95).  I might have stayed trying the Blueberry Detox a bit longer, and it was offered to me by the C.S.R. to try it on a longer trial period of a month as recommended by their floor manager.  It still seemed so iffy to me since it had not done what I thought in a matter of 4-5 days, and prior my "system" was regular. 
The Customer Care was absolutely pleasant, and they do seem qualified as every time, first and last call they handle it all fairly efficiently and fast.  I would like to mention they do have a 60 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, but you will have to provide the shipping fee back to the company for the bottles to be returned.  This is for items you purchase, not the free bottle offer.
Purity has also teamed up with "The Vitamin Angel Alliance".  Learn more at as they are helping to to stop child blindness related to Vitamin A deficiency in under developed nations.
Well, not a bad company, although the products I have tried so far didn't sit well.  I am sure they do have people that cancel the "free radio offer" promotion, all the time but in this case, I just wasn't satisfied with how I felt after starting to try the products.  If there is anything else you may want to know, you can check out the website at .
 Sorry, the quality of the pictures are not great, but here's the products. I mixed some Blueberry Detox power up too.
 Well, that's all for now~!  See you  next time with some healthy but tasty recipes to start off spring! 

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