Sunday, April 01, 2012

Time Flies

Happy April Fool's Day~!

It's already been a month since my last post and well into spring.  So, that's good but honestly it's been a busy past month with work, business, hobbies, and really more to come. I have lots of spring time things to do, and get prepared for camping.
If you don't know that camping is a hot topic around here, then I will prepare you well it used to be. Now it seems I go camping a lot less, since money can be an issue when it comes to spending nearly $500 to go out to a site and camp in the wilderness a bit.  It all adds up including picking up groceries for a long weekend.

Money is always something that we discuss to make our trips as thrifty as possible, so that we can afford to go as many times in the summer as we can.  There may be less of that this year, as I have been looking at a different places in the world to go to, such as an Alaskan cruise.  Maybe not this year but sometime that or a trip to Italy would definitely take care of a couple ideas on my bucket list.

Every Sunday afternoon this last couple months, I have spent some time watching NCAA and NBA basketball games.  I have been enjoying the tournaments and I rarely miss a Los Angeles Lakers or Boston Celtics games.  Kobe Bryant is an amazing player, even with a broken nose this spring. World Peace just knocked down a 3 pointer, which should bring the Laker's way ahead of The Warriors. The Miami Heat, New York Knicks and Phoenix Suns are fairly entertaining teams as well.  But sports IS a big distraction and it takes time and focus away on real issues in the world that are going on.

 The Volvo Ocean Race this spring was riveting, men and women snowboarding and skiing are fun to watch. Shawn White is cool to  watch what he can do on a snowboard.  Also,  I used to watch more UFC.  I have sort of quit watching since Chuck Liddell is no longer in the game. If I wanted I suppose I could catch some old matches on You Tube, but I tend to try to do some extra work or gardening.  Anyways, just looking at a lot of it lets me see how much time I waste and then that is why time flies.

Have a great week!
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