Monday, February 27, 2012

Manic Mondays Are Back!

I know it's what you, who have came to my blog want to read about~ how Monday's suck right?! lol
Well, they do, particularly if you are not ready for them.  Today was especially hard to get going as I had to attend a work function this weekend, so there was not much of a break in the weekend.

Now, heading into a full work week may be a bit tougher than usual, but the best advice I can give anyone is to pace yourself.  It's going to be a long week.

Make sure to eat your breakfast or pack a lunch.  Pacing yourself may come in the form of a nap after work on Mondays, or a relaxing bubble bath.  You may want to pick up some convenient dinners so there is more time to relax.  Perhaps, that can help you to free up time so you can work on any extra tasks in this time so you don't get behind.  It does save time to not have to cook or clean, but it probably is not the most nutritious so don't forget to have some extra vitamins or even eat a small salad when you need a snack.

Everyday, when I am working and when I finally do arrive home, I go straight away to pick out my clothes for the next day.  If an outfit is questionable in look or size, I may try it on or see if things still fit.  This way, when morning comes as hectic as it already is, my clothes are all ready.  If I don't do this I know I won't have time to change my mind so much on what I want to wear.  So doing this the night before really helps.

Packing up lunches, or the most part also helps in time saving.  One can prepare your sandwich toppings or put out the bag and snacks, like a piece of washed fruit or something of that nature.    If you do wake up late, at least you will not starve all day or have to spend your hard earned money at the cafeteria.  I detest that.  You may decide to spend money there sometimes, but I don't suggest writing over your paycheque for overpriced and expensive sandwiches and soups.  You likely already have groceries in your cupboard to bring these things to work yourself.

You can also program your coffee maker and measure out the grounds and such so it brews before you wake up.  That makes the day a lot better.  If you are over coffee and would prefer a smoothie, then put the washed and chopped up ingredients in a bag or a container for easy blending in the morning.  You could also blend the foods the night before, but you will lose a lot of the nutritional value by the time you drink your smoothie in the morning.  But just saying, it's a great way to get going in the morning.

Now, if you have children, all these time saving tips practically have to be done on a regular basis, such as getting clothes ready for the morning and lunches semi-packed, perhaps make your pancake batter and put it in the fridge the night before for easy breakfast preparation.  I could see how much more one would have to "get ready" if there are kids in the family.

Anyways, speaking of time saving I must cut this post short and if anyone else has some time and pace saving tips~ feel free to leave me a message here.  I would love to hear more about how you carve out more time :) Cheers!

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