Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Coming Right Up

What are you doing on that special and romantic day, called Valentine's Day?  It is sort of a commercialised day and while some couples are good at planning romantics without a lot of money, some are not.

So, I thought I would look back on some ways that men have surprised me with romance without having a lot of mula, and help you out with some suggestions.  These ideas may or may not have been presented to me on Valentine's Day, and some not at all but I wished they would have been.  So not all are tried and tested to be true exactly or are they conventional for just that day.  But  some should help you out- especially if you forgot and are in a pinch to do something special. Again, this can go for both genders, so don't think it's JUST up to the man in a relationship to be the romantic one.

So, first off, a little money doesn't hurt, even a few dollars could go a long way- just to pick up some chocolates and they could be very good ones, or you can buy your significant other their favourite chocolate bar and present it wrapped in a ribbon with a cute card (the dollar store has sufficient cards and ribbon or you can handcraft one), and be sure to write some romantic and meaningful in it.  Right there, only a couple bucks.

You can cook dinner at home and have candles lit when your loved one arrives. So if you have spaghetti sauce and pasta, Parmesan and perhaps a bottle of wine, already in the pantry then it could be a great way to save money and use what you already have.  And for dessert, sometimes less is more.  You could use a touch of white chocolate and milk chocolate, melted in a fondue pot or just use a glass bowl over a pot that it fits on, and melt the chocolate over very hot water.  Then some fresh fruits can be washed, dried and prepared in pieces to dip them into the melted chocolates.  You might have on hand fruit like bananas, strawberries or pineapples.  All delicious on their own or in a fondue session.  Milk chocolate chips work great as well! If you don't have the fruit, simply melt the chocolate and pour it into some sort of heart shaped mold.  Perhaps a little batch of cookies (or even store bought could do the trick) and set out on plate.  Sweet tooth people will NEED something to officiate it's Valentine's Day, so please know the person whom you are trying to woo and impress.

But if you are not such a good cook, even when it comes to boiling water and you couldn't scratch two bucks together to save yourself, then try another approach.  I would suggest not being totally empty handed with ideas, and maybe you can put together a romantic play list of music and have some romantic dance time together.  Then you could decide if you want to play a romantic or another genre movie, or you could have an ace up your sleeve and have the bathtub cleaned and ready to draw a bath.  If it's your wife she would definitely appreciate some spa time after a hard week at work.  It's nice to also come home to a clean house, so maybe if you have time to clean or tidy up- that could be a good start to preparing for a cozy and simple night in.  Dishes being cleaned and put away is always welcomed even Valentine's Day aside!

What if you are crunched for time and had to stay late at work, even on Valentine's Day?  Perhaps the industry you work in just works later all the time.  So if you know this will be the case, you could celebrate Valentine's Day prior on a day you may have off, or you can use a half vacation day and take the morning or evening off- (book ahead).  This will automatically show your loved one some special consideration that you would not miss that day or in lieu of, that they should not miss out on any romance.  Then make them breakfast in bed or you can write a love letter and women spray it with perfume - men with cologne?

Perhaps have a long-stemmed rose ready to go with it and their favourite coffee or tea, or even a coffee mug filled with English toffee candies, and well it should be a hit.  I would recommend your love letter is sincere and to the best of your abilities of writing one.  For instance, don't just write to so-and-so from you, and don't just write "love you" -unless that is something special that you both know of.  I once got a card like that and to say the least it looked effortless.  Put something in the content that will melt a heart.

Sometimes you might have a couple movie tickets that came free with something else laying around.  It's time to use those up and provided you have enough money for your movie snacks, you can also probably survive with out them.  That aside, there are also many great movies on Netflix.

You might want to take a drive, provided the roads and weather is favourable in February, where you might live and get out of the house and the city.  You could go to a look out spot over your city or town and take in the sunset, have some cup of noodles soups and a thermos of hot water and make it a elegant time.  To make it more fun, provided it's allowed and available, you could light a fire in a park metal fire pit as well, and use that as entertainment.  If you are far away from the city lights, you could do some star gazing and who knows, maybe you both will see something in the night sky that surprises you such as a shooting star or an unidentified flying object, jetting off to an unknown galaxy.

Anyways, I also had been given hand made gifts such as a customized t-shirt or pencil with my name on it and some drawing paper.  If your loved one is a smoker, perhaps you can pre-make a beaded lighter case or something of that nature.  I was once was given a amethyst stone bracelet and that is nice since my birthday is on Valentine's Day, and so my birthstone is an amethyst.  Those are a few cheap and sweet ideas for a Valentine's Day gift, but of course you are not limited to those.  It's nice to look on deal sites for extra special things you may otherwise not be able to afford, such as a dinner for two at a special place or maybe some lingerie, or even just something you know your lovie would appreciate.

I think the most important advice I could give any man or woman, and this is being said you care about the person in your life- do NOT stand them up.  If you do plan something and tell them to be ready or will be meeting them at a time, please stick to it.  Also, don't treat it just like a regular day and fall asleep snoring on the couch.  At least attempt to do something with that person, even if it's just have a dance to a song or a nice chat and a hug.  I am no relationship expert by any means and my disclaimer would be, that perhaps nothing works out for you if you take the cheap way and you don't "Get Lucky" but these ideas are merely just ways you can connect and make it a special day~!

Have a great week!

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