Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Movers and Shakers~!

Yes, spring has sprung, even as the snow still seems to fly periodically.  If springtime inspires you perhaps to make a move or change, eat more salads and overall invigorate you, then you are not alone.

After winter slowly goes away,  I tend to start planning for vacation or trips, take my exercises more seriously and maybe even moving to a new place.  I also like to start to think or make a draft of my balcony garden plan.  I like to draw it out and imagine all the produce I might be able to grow.  Most times, I do start some indoor gardening before spring time.  I grow sprouts and get other seedlings started.  I like people with hobbies that improve their lives such as gardening.

I like to get an exercise schedule figured out and stick to it when spring comes.  I even eat more healthy food and make a lot more smoothies or salads.  It's time to more the body and get some inches off that were stored up over winter time.  Perhaps, I set more resolutions in the spring time than at New Year's and so I find that interesting.  Maybe it's all the fresh air.

Some people are changing jobs these days in the spring time, perhaps reading about more exciting jobs gets one thinking.  But in the meantime, while at the same place and if you are a little bored these days here are some ways to help you concentrate and not become bored at work.

Hope this helps~!

20 Tips for Dealing with Job Boredom

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