Thursday, April 26, 2012

In The Year 2012

Think bendable flexible screens that zoom in and out of the picture, with a twist of the wrist!  That's the technology now a days.  TV everywhere.  Thin as cardboard laptops,  the personal computer is moving aside for the ~ "Personal Cloud".

$50 LED light bulbs that last for 50 years.  Nice you nay not have to change not one light bulb more.
On the go mobile payment with just a swipe of your smart phone, and no more need for a wallet. 
Google smart glasses and computers that have touch, gesture recognition, or voice control are all the rage.

E-car revolutions and the new platform from Amazon Kindle Fire moving to takeover ipad sales by the end of 2012.  Square iphone dongle domination?  Invasion of a frictionless sharing facebook community,  everyone will know what book you are reading, where you are reading it, right down to the word you are reading right now.  Brutal slow readers. Tweet it.

Yes, it's amazing how fast things change, and a few months from now we may hear about HTML5, so I hear.  One APP love. @Dropbox is appealing to me this very minute!

Until next time.  Peace. 
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