Sunday, June 05, 2011

Movie Mania

Movies are usually a large part of my weekends to be quite honest.  Whether it be the days from renting them or choosing a video on demand.  Netflix, cable and my archive of old DVD'S have me usually up at night watching something of a movie or a documentary.

I prefer such documentaries that are do with crime stories, science or nature, and or Extraterrestrial type shows.  Those fill up the time slots in between movies that I enjoy.  I do get out and accomplish errands and such on weekends, along with a nice brisk walk or some yoga, I just find myself doing more cinefile type activities on the weekends.  However, Mondays are no exception to my movie mania, as it overlaps on long weekends.

Netflix is good as there are so many restrictions to what I can watch on the Internet or what is allowed as per the regulators in Canada, although it's getting better.  I have heard there is a great deal more variety in the US.

It is an escape for that hour and a bit though.  I don't care who you talk to, even the least watched television will have a movie playing at some point.  If it's a good one, you never want it to end.  You pray the villain doesn't get wiped out or the endless love story, is just that, or is this just me?  Perhaps, as I usually root for the underdog teams or villains and wished they could have kept up.

Would I encourage you to watch a great movie or show when you arrive home from a bad day or even on the best day?  Sure why not.  You can prepare for the next day by doing some tasks, then get dinner started, and then perhaps you can choose something to watch or even learn.  Depending on your preferences, and the mood you are in it can turn your day around.

I have been having a little problem with Netflix becoming interrupted, which can be aggravating but I think I fixed the issue with my internet provider.  In general I have completed many movies uninterrupted.  What does anyone else think, do you think Netflix is worth the money or is it a good concept?  Post below.

Sometimes, it can be the cheapest date night, to stay home and watch a movie, so it's great in times we need to save money. :) Have a great week!

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