Monday, June 13, 2011

More Movie Mania- Mafia Marathon Weekend~!

Well, my computer is not always cooperating here and I already had typed a lot.  Then it all went down the tube.......... I should save as I go. So, to recap I guess for myself; I watched all the Mafia inspired movies I could on digital cable this weekend.... they lined up some blockbuster ones, that's for sure.  Here's how Mafia Marathon went down:

Firstly to warm up, I cooked an authentic Italian spaghetti dinner and it was the best one ever.   It helps to take one's time to prepare the perfect sauce. I also made great garlic toast.  Perfecto!  So it was awesome to do as the Italians do.

I kicked off the weekend by watching " Underworld Cities" series documentary on the History channel.  It was all about organized crime in Las Vegas.  The history of it all to do with casinos, gambling and the crime bosses was very interesting.   Missed a bit of that to finish dinner but I got the gist, so the mood and tone of the crime bosses and underworld was now set.  Begin mafia movie #1........

"Donnie Brasco", if you don't know about this movie, google it, rent it, sign it out at the library, whatever, watch it.  It is a very good flick and it is based on a true story, as most mafioso movies are.
 The A-list actors including Johnny Depp and Al Pacino in this movie definitely make it enjoyable.  Did I mention how great they play their roles?  Hey did I mention the wonderful acting, and how suspenseful the movie is? It is late so I might need to rewrite this, but without giving away anything in the movie - Johnny Depp is an undercover FBI agent who infiltrates the mop but gets in a little too deep.  Al Pacino, need I say more, and as I matured in life this movie seemed to improve? What the heck.
 There are also many wonderful supporting actors and it's worth the watch.  I have watched this many times, I want to say 10 times but that may be an exaggeration.

Then cable followed up with "Goodfellas", with all the great actors, De Niro, Pesci, Liotta just to name a few.  I recommend this flick, it's one the best. It's another long mafia movie, so you could potentially pause it and make an intermission to pop some corn. This time I lost count how many times I have watched this show and yet I stayed up late until 4 a.m. watching this show.

I didn't see "Casino" on I was saying, it would have been perfect to watch on Sunday before going back to work. Then what do you know~ badda boom, badda bing!!  The network read my mind if  it was not already planned.  That wrapped up my Sunday afternoon and most of my weekend, if you know Casino is also a longer movie as well.  Forget about it.

Again, De Niro, Pesci, Stone, and many more, this one follows the story about Las Vegas and organized crime there.  Also a biography including all the good stuff about deception, crime, money. Short and sweet, check it out.  I find it similar to life, people stab you in the back and you think you got friends and everyone is kissing everyone's ass except the ones who get whacked. 

Well, sorry Not too sweet, haha, I got frustrated losing all my previous work and am now going to get ready for my upcoming week.
  Well, it's been a slice and remember subscribe!!  Plus coming soon~ DELICIOUS FOOD RECIPES for summer!! Maybe some Italian food, maybe not but currently it is definitely inspiring some of my cooking recipe picks.   Have a great week!

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