Monday, May 30, 2011

New Strategy

Hello.  If you noticed I haven't blogged in a minute........that becomes the usual post from some bloggers who are not posting regularly.  I am laughing because it's me too! 

Well, lots was happening all at once, then I was going to double up last Sunday, or something like that, but then I didn't do it and then couldn't get the motivation to make anything happen.  I quit my job last week and yeah............been a on a show for sure.

Many days later I decided  that I would blog in my spare time and since it's half past midnight, this is becoming more sporadic.  I have decided to really do something totally different and hopefully meaningful though and that is "run my own business". Then perhaps do some more schooling but then I also want to jump right in with two feet and pursue my passion of music and art.  I know the skeptics think those things won't make money and that is simply the wrong way to think about life.  If it doesn't make money, does it mean then you are not to do it? More on that later.

I  really wanted to talk about how watching the last episode of Oprah last week, made me bawl my eyes out.  Really and I am going to miss her shows.  She is very inspiring and she finished up the last show on days that I could be watching more of her.  I didn't know it would be her last show and I still cannot believe it's an end of an era, so it seems.  Who doesn't know who Oprah is?

From all of Oprah's accomplishments, she exudes what a real lady should aspire to be by letting no limits define her and caring for people.  Some would say it's fake though, but I got the impression she has such a huge heart.  At least I have the feeling I can accomplish anything I set my mind and hard work towards it after learning and practising some of the lessons I have learnt from her over the years.

So I decided I am going to change my career strategy and work for myself.  I will be working on it this year and hope to enjoy more income from being happy. 

Have a wonderful week and I hope the sun is shining~!

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