Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day Kudos

To all the Mothers today~ kudos, and I don't know how you do it as I have seen mother's in action with their children!!I can barely keep up with myself.  But that is the special stamina a mother has with their children.

Even though I haven't had children, I still find it hard to  keep up with all the demands that life has.  I am always feeling like the clock goes by too fast,and I don't have everything done in time and I am struggling to keep up.  It's a fast paced world or at least in this part of the country. 

So Mother's days start even earlier than some and then off to work after getting the kids to school or housework to accomplish.  Then after work, they are not finished or I can head home and get dinner started.   I think I would be wiped out tired, just getting the kids ready.
Selfishness has definitely served me well. I enjoy sleeping in on Saturdays, and I like having a cat that requires minimal supervision,  although he has some health issues at times, he stays home so there is no additional time needed for him in the mornings.  He just needs his water and and to fill up his food bowl.
There has been some times he got us up early with some frantic meowing.  The meowing is starting earlier and earlier in the mornings, but think if I had to get up any earlier to make breakfast for kids, getting everyone ready before I do, and yeah, I would be running late for work everyday!

I have to get my clothes ready for the morning, the night before, everyday, or else I will not get out the door in time. All the tricks I have to get out of the door faster for work, would be totally put to use and then some. Such as, it is so much faster if I don't wash my hair on Friday and put it back into a straight pony tail.  I have a hair washing compulsion, so that is HUGE for me. I enjoy being able to go out where ever I want or have a nap when I have time.

I would think mother's are sleep deprived, and more stressed than I am and I need rest all the time.
I wish you rest and relaxation this Mother's Day because I think mothers are amazing and very sacrificing!!   Happy Mother's Day.

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