Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Personality Goes A Long Way!

I strongly recommend taking these personality tests out there, like Myers Briggs personality test.....or the Jung Typology Test. You WILL find out a lot about your self and this might help you in all avenues of life.
 I took one today, which was a combination of both, "Jung- Myers Briggs"-  and funny how sometimes you are told you would be good at such a career, or industry even if you don't see your self really doing that.  Perhaps, you consider it but it just isn't for you.

Well, there was a division director at school that mentioned I would make a good counsellor.  She could see me working as a volunteer coordinator and that was really correct according to this personality test I did.   Of course this person gets paid to make such recommendations and obviously is excellent at her job and has learned how to make that judgement.  Very interesting and I will be touching base with her most definitely, as she was the one who brought up the Myers Briggs personality test.

Furthermore, I determined from the test that I am an INFJ type. Interesting enough, learning more everyday about this.  I suppose when one is keen to something, they tend to find the knowledge in all kinds of places. Some examples of famous INFJ people are Shakespeare, Beethoven, Martin Luther King Jr. (civil rights leader, martyr), Mother Teresa of Calcutta (saint), Jerry Seinfeld, Jamie Foxx,  and Piers Anthony to name a few.  Actually, one of my favorite books "Isle of Woman" was written by Piers Anthony.

As a predetermined INFJ, I should be going into Art/Science categories like literature/writer, humanities, philosphy, web design, archeology or into Social Services genres like Religious Education, Pschylogy, or counselling.  So, that is my personality type, what about you?
You could be a ENPF- ISFOP combination.
That's all for this week, sorry for the late post. I will be keeping it real on Mondays.
See you later.

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