Monday, March 07, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

  1. Monday
  2. Tired and quite frankly I drank too much Sauvignon Blanc the night before
  3. Coupon searching from yesterday's paper
  4. Looking through spring look books and liked some shoes
  5. Worked through lunch for the good of getting Friday's assignment done
  6. Not done but it's organized
  7. Called someone I should not have
  8. Feeling alright for dropping a grudge
  9. Should finish painting
  10. Killing it this week 

UPDATE! May 18, 2013.
I thought I would travel back in time and view my first post and a few others that need reviewing and updating!  So, it is amazing that I started this journey here, three years ago with this first post, rather a list of sorts.  I think it's best to clarify where I am today, in present time with another list!

Maybe just 5 things though people. Have a good day!
1. Why did Garfield hate Mondays? We are back to a strict schedule if you don't love what you are doing.

2.  Doing something I love, more than anything else in the world - just being, not worrying, not defining.

3. Eating for health and simple tastes.  Concentrating on preparing more vegetables and fruits, eating more minerals and nutrients.

4. Creatively thinking. Relaxing, no strictness. Reading and learning. Love.

5. Being mindful, in the moment.

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