Monday, March 21, 2011

Rib Mondays

It's getting to be time, we can fire up the good old BBQ when we get home for dinner.

First, cooking ribs or a long cooking time meal, can be intimidating on Mondays.  You are likely tired and disillusioned from your day and want to have a 30 minute meal and then relax.   If you have it already half prepared then delicious is quite do-able.

Well, last night, (Sunday) I steamed ribs under tinfoil with water in the bottom of the pan,
 in the oven at 350*F.  First removing the membrane (tough skin on the back of the ribs), and the method is easy when you get the hang of it.  Give it about an hour and 30 minutes..... then preparing a spice rub to put on the ribs.  I make my own according to what I have such as brown sugar and spices.  Google yourself your NEW favorite rib rub recipe or spice rub.  For more information, there are even videos on e-how that show how to take the membrane on the back of the ribs off.

So, it's pretty much that easy, then after it's cooled off and steam cooked essentially, you can refrigerate the ribs in your tinfoil.  When you get home on Monday or any day that you know will be hectic in advance, it's a matter of firing up the BBQ and cooking those ribs with BBQ sauce for about 20 minutes each side on a medium high heat.  *BBQ heat can vary, so it's good to use your own discretion, and I like it cooking longer for lower to make the meat more tender.  You could also use your handy crock pot and set the ribs to cook in it in the morning. I made some Italian herb potatoes and corn to go with and it was really tasty.

Monday dinner was easy.  It may even be better if you cooked rib dinner on Sunday, and eat
leftovers on Mondays.  Anything to make the day easier I suppose.
It sure was a fairly complete meal and I think Garfield would approve! ")
Until next week, down with Monday.

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