Monday, March 28, 2011

Long Weekend Mondays

I don't know about you guys, but I sure wish it was camping season and there was a long weekend
Monday in it for me!  I so long for the sunshine time, hiking, swimming and of course the BBQ foods.
I know it's not even summertime, so what am I thinking of camping for?!!?
Well, I am starting to organize my camping gear and supplies now, and that being said, is a great time
to start purchasing things, looking out for sales.  If one waits until the last minute we end up spending top dollar on items we need to take on our camping experience.

Starting with such items like canned beans which can range from $0.89 cents- $1.79 each.  Campfire toasters can be around $4.00-$5.00 average and flashlights or batteries for your preexisting flashlights can be costly when not purchased regular prices.  Prices increase yearly though so if you can score items that have a long lasting expiration if on sale.  Also you should change up expiring items in the first aid kit and supplies,emergency water and I also have a good amount of toilet paper and some other paper products such as napkins, paper towel.  I find the dollar store has great prices for the napkins and $1 for the disposable plates.

 If you have a coupon or two for packs of batteries, most of the time they are mail in rebate ones, I determine if they will save me any money down the road ,but I may need batteries right away, so sometimes I have not used the coupons on time.  If I have time to send away for the rebate then after paying for postage to mail the coupon I would be no savings there with the price of postage.  But you can can buy a bulk package of batteries every year when they go on sale.  If you have a lot of toys for your children, you will find there are a lot of toys that require batteries.  Perhaps, plan ahead and buy a bulk package of batteries in advance.  ")

Making lists of items you would like to take this time on camping trips may be useful in remembering them when you see a sale for items.  I also suggest signing up for some of the flyers online to store sites that you use or to the stores you already shop at for camping supplies specifically.  This way you can price compare before purchasing all items in one place.  You can also stop en route to another store if there are significant savings to be had.  A great way for saving money is splitting the trips, tracking prices and checking off the deal and item on your list as you go.

Last year we all needed sleeping bags, I got mine on sale for $5, although if is not cold rated.  Regularly the sleeping bag is about $20-$30, for such a thin sleeping bag,  It is good for summer night sleeping.  There were also cold weather and brand name sleeping bags for $20.  Regularly around $60 that was over 50% savings. It is much warmer than the $5 sleeping bag.  So, on some deals if the store is selling quality then it can be worth the trip and perhaps replace everyone's sleeping bags if it is time to do so.

By the way, if you reprint printable coupons from the Internet for any camping supplies, it's my personal experience to not "clip" them out, but leave them completely printed on the full page of paper along with the website details.  I was told by the store manager at Wal-Mart that they need to see that it's not a photo-copy of a coupon.  Just a little tip folks.

If you have tents that need repairs or a motorhome such as I have, then certain repairs it may be good time to start now in case they are timely repairs.  Perhaps you can save time later so you don't miss out on camping.... I don't know about you, but when its camping season, I just want to go and not be worrying about repairs and fixing as much.  I also need to start sewing some new motorhome window curtains, of which I am replacing the mis-measured curtains that came with the unit.  I had taken the measurements in the fall, before the motorhome was winterized and parked, and now it's time to sew.  I will update you later on these.

Also, you might want to start digging up camping clothes and making sure they are suitable this year and fit you.  Nothing worse than a useless camping wardrobe.  It was pretty cold last year and I had way too many pairs of shorts.  Levi's jeans are super comfortable and you can find deals at Value Village, just right for camping if you don't mind that someone else wore them in first.

If you are wondering, I will try to go camping for free this year...... and if anyone knows a way I can coupon free gas for my mini motorhome, please let me know. That is why we work and save, so we can have the funds to get away from it all!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rib Mondays

It's getting to be time, we can fire up the good old BBQ when we get home for dinner.

First, cooking ribs or a long cooking time meal, can be intimidating on Mondays.  You are likely tired and disillusioned from your day and want to have a 30 minute meal and then relax.   If you have it already half prepared then delicious is quite do-able.

Well, last night, (Sunday) I steamed ribs under tinfoil with water in the bottom of the pan,
 in the oven at 350*F.  First removing the membrane (tough skin on the back of the ribs), and the method is easy when you get the hang of it.  Give it about an hour and 30 minutes..... then preparing a spice rub to put on the ribs.  I make my own according to what I have such as brown sugar and spices.  Google yourself your NEW favorite rib rub recipe or spice rub.  For more information, there are even videos on e-how that show how to take the membrane on the back of the ribs off.

So, it's pretty much that easy, then after it's cooled off and steam cooked essentially, you can refrigerate the ribs in your tinfoil.  When you get home on Monday or any day that you know will be hectic in advance, it's a matter of firing up the BBQ and cooking those ribs with BBQ sauce for about 20 minutes each side on a medium high heat.  *BBQ heat can vary, so it's good to use your own discretion, and I like it cooking longer for lower to make the meat more tender.  You could also use your handy crock pot and set the ribs to cook in it in the morning. I made some Italian herb potatoes and corn to go with and it was really tasty.

Monday dinner was easy.  It may even be better if you cooked rib dinner on Sunday, and eat
leftovers on Mondays.  Anything to make the day easier I suppose.
It sure was a fairly complete meal and I think Garfield would approve! ")
Until next week, down with Monday.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Personality Goes A Long Way!

I strongly recommend taking these personality tests out there, like Myers Briggs personality test.....or the Jung Typology Test. You WILL find out a lot about your self and this might help you in all avenues of life.
 I took one today, which was a combination of both, "Jung- Myers Briggs"-  and funny how sometimes you are told you would be good at such a career, or industry even if you don't see your self really doing that.  Perhaps, you consider it but it just isn't for you.

Well, there was a division director at school that mentioned I would make a good counsellor.  She could see me working as a volunteer coordinator and that was really correct according to this personality test I did.   Of course this person gets paid to make such recommendations and obviously is excellent at her job and has learned how to make that judgement.  Very interesting and I will be touching base with her most definitely, as she was the one who brought up the Myers Briggs personality test.

Furthermore, I determined from the test that I am an INFJ type. Interesting enough, learning more everyday about this.  I suppose when one is keen to something, they tend to find the knowledge in all kinds of places. Some examples of famous INFJ people are Shakespeare, Beethoven, Martin Luther King Jr. (civil rights leader, martyr), Mother Teresa of Calcutta (saint), Jerry Seinfeld, Jamie Foxx,  and Piers Anthony to name a few.  Actually, one of my favorite books "Isle of Woman" was written by Piers Anthony.

As a predetermined INFJ, I should be going into Art/Science categories like literature/writer, humanities, philosphy, web design, archeology or into Social Services genres like Religious Education, Pschylogy, or counselling.  So, that is my personality type, what about you?
You could be a ENPF- ISFOP combination.
That's all for this week, sorry for the late post. I will be keeping it real on Mondays.
See you later.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

  1. Monday
  2. Tired and quite frankly I drank too much Sauvignon Blanc the night before
  3. Coupon searching from yesterday's paper
  4. Looking through spring look books and liked some shoes
  5. Worked through lunch for the good of getting Friday's assignment done
  6. Not done but it's organized
  7. Called someone I should not have
  8. Feeling alright for dropping a grudge
  9. Should finish painting
  10. Killing it this week 

UPDATE! May 18, 2013.
I thought I would travel back in time and view my first post and a few others that need reviewing and updating!  So, it is amazing that I started this journey here, three years ago with this first post, rather a list of sorts.  I think it's best to clarify where I am today, in present time with another list!

Maybe just 5 things though people. Have a good day!
1. Why did Garfield hate Mondays? We are back to a strict schedule if you don't love what you are doing.

2.  Doing something I love, more than anything else in the world - just being, not worrying, not defining.

3. Eating for health and simple tastes.  Concentrating on preparing more vegetables and fruits, eating more minerals and nutrients.

4. Creatively thinking. Relaxing, no strictness. Reading and learning. Love.

5. Being mindful, in the moment.