Monday, May 09, 2016

Alberta Wildfire in Fort McMurray

This past week has been very difficult for Albertans, with a huge wildfire that started up in the Fort McMurray area which led to the evacuation of all the citizens of the city.  More than 80,000 people's lives were endangered from the fires burning out of control.

Fort McMurray has been sealed off now for days and unless it was media who was allowed back into the city to report on the fire-ravaged city, everyone was evacuated.  It has been very devastating and frightening for everyone, including some who do not have a home to go back to.  85 percent of the buildings in the community have been saved, but many neighborhoods were altogether destroyed.  The firefighters did amazing & heroic jobs in controlling the massive inferno, working around the clock!

We got rain all late afternoon on Mother's Day here in Calgary, and I was praying they did up North. Now, I had heard the wildfires were burning towards Northern British Columbia and about 30 km from the Saskatchewan border, but it is unclear to me whether this was the same fire or if the BC fires were indeed deliberately set.  It seems with record heat and dry conditions, it's tinder dry out there and there is a province-wide fire ban in effect  Now that the fire is under control in Fort Mac, there still are some safety concerns as well as there is no electricity, gas or water. There will be weeks ahead before public utilities are up and running, as well as more time for those who lost their homes.  Prayers, hope and donations go out to everyone affected!

Here are the top CTV videos on the Wildfire Coverage .



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