Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Current Affairs

I have been busy sneezing away from allergies and working on some great new posts.  I am really getting to be proud of my body of work here and on my other blogs.  They are all works in progress but some of my life's mission as well. I do think this is something to dedicate to and now I am taking it more seriously.  I do have many other hobbies and passions fighting for attention- or at least it is an internal fight within myself as where to locate my time.  I just feel right now blogging, writing and being a new Mom (since last year), is the way I want to divide my energy. Of course, there are everyday things to do too, like taking care of ones health and pursuing knowledge and learning, and I wouldn't mind moving to the country.

All the while, sometimes I cringe at past efforts of writing once I review them.  Sometimes, it's posts I have written and other times poetry or stories.  I just clean up some of the punctuation or sentences, and although there are some keepers, some things get shredded.  Editing seems like a waste of time on some posts, which were of great deals from deal sites.  I have deleted those but I will update you with some new deal sites that I have bought from recently.

It is something to be able to work on these projects and truly get excited, and not over money or monetary gain.  It is simply something to get up and look forward to and do.  I believe in creating your own vision. Goals in life DO keep us moving in a onward direction.  I have dedicated a vision to it and have an organizational board with the outlines on it.  I have bought books to write my ideas down, when away from the computer.  I have tons of inspiration but now I really will be kicking it into high gear.

Advice is, anything you choose to do, put time and focus into it and eventually, it WILL come together.  In the mean time anything you have to do make ends meet and plan is very handy.  One way you can plan is write out a list or use a planning app or book, or what I did and set up an organizational board.  I felt more professional and it held the entire vision of things I want to do.  I put it up on the wall where I can see it in the morning.  It is just the little things we do that can make us more motivated.  Stay tuned for a more lengthy blog post about "Passion and Motivation" in the future.

That aside, more current things happening with me are documenting Geo-engineering/ weather modification spraying photos - of grave importance and please see my blog : weawake.blogspot .  It is definitely getting worse out there and now there is talk of chemtrail related illnesses.  I just keep doing my due diligence and take the pictures and document them.  So there should be no harm done to be a witness and track our environment.  Sometimes, I notice no haze or geoengineering spray in a day where the skies are nice and blue with fluffy clouds and a nice breeze.  Those are the types of days we long for.

I am still working on a lot of exercise and yoga, cleaning up my eating and doing more natural cleaning around my home.  I am trying to make solutions with tea tree oil and vinegar and water, lemon and baking soda or even equal parts of salt and vinegar.  It's great to spring clean your home with natural solutions, as it saves your health and money from your pocketbook.  I will definitely be posting more on this later as well and some of the tricks I have learned.

I also love visiting the Farmer's Market.  Still to this day, it is my favorite spot to be.  You can check out food haul posts, recipes and more on my other blog: and some things are from the grocery store, so I can buy as much good produce as I can.  And we love to pack a lot of vegetables in every meal, along with pulses or legumes.  I feel I am growing better at being able to eat a vegan diet.  I don't believe I could do it on juice alone or JUST salads.  I after all was not completely vegetarian when pregnant.  I had done it for nearly 2 years prior to pregnancy, and yet I fell back into eating fish and a little more as by doctor's orders (more about that on another post), for sure.

And last but not least, I continue to study Horticulture and will be taking the next course at my leisure when I am ready.  I did postpone it a couple times now when registration came up fast.  I currently am trying to keep up on reviewing some notes and readings.  Don't give up on hobbies that you love even if they are not paying the bills currently.  So that's it for now until I finish the other posts I am working on.
Have a great week!

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