Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fundraising for Aquaponics Business

I haven't been blogging this year so far because I had a baby at the start of 2015!
It's been very fulfilling and of course busy! I am enjoying being a new Mom, and although I want to get back to writing, I am still limited with my time and energy.

I am however attempting to fund raise for my business and work on turning it over to an Aquaponics business. Hopefully I can raise something and hold the business over until  the end of the year or start of next. I am working VERY hard on learning the trade and all aspects when I can and have wonderful plans but need time.

If you would be kind to check out the Crowdfund page and share and support if you can!

I very much appreciate your help!  Thank-you in advance and here's the link:
 Please Help Me to Continue Business or check us out on Facebook where you can find more video information on Aquaponics!
Pacific Island Residential and Commercial Services Inc.

Have a nice week!

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