Monday, December 22, 2014

Gearing Up For A Holiday~!

Whether it's Christmas holidays or any other time of year, do you sometimes get so excited and caught up in the hustle bustle of preparing for a holiday, or all the parties and turn around and burn yourself right out?

Well, I have done it and seen others do it as well.  Take for instance when you work all year for your 2 weeks vacation, just to be in a total frantic and stressful time before leaving for your holidays.  There is much to do, as well, the boss or demands don't stop pouring into your in box just because you are leaving for awhile.  Ridiculous, and makes me think that they do it on purpose, since everyone knows when it's quitting time.

I say do less, enjoy more during the holidays, including sending presents, cards, attending events and parties or cooking. Get more sunshine and less artificial lights.  You can drastically improve your mood and energy level just by sitting near a sunny window.

Although everyone knew you were getting ready to jet set somewhere tropical or just take time off, they waited until the last minute to ask you for any last minute tasks to be completed or "favours", as some would say. A favour request at work is just a diplomatic way of asking of your assistance to complete a job or task,  so that THEY can leave on time for the day.  If you committed to helping out, and feel stressed try taking a whiff of citrus. it can help boost your feelings of well-being and downplay the stress you might be under or take a brisk walk to get some worry off your mind, AND if your job has been particularly stressful and you make the call, I wouldn't go in for that "half" day on Christmas Eve if there is nothing pressing or required of you.  Take off for the day to finish your own tasks or drink some chamomile tea the night before and plan to sleep in. :)

Ya don't get it twisted, no one REALLY cares if you helped them out at work, they won't forget when you didn't though.....and the same goes for attending holiday parties.  You may want to go to everyone's but it's really just takes time away from your own thoughts and meditation time, and you risk running your energy down.  But if you really feel stress getting ready from work to a party, try some Chinese medicine techniques, such as applying pressure in the fleshy place between your index finger and thumb.  This is a hoku spot and can reduce stress tension in the upper body.

I know very well and when your bus or plane is near leaving, there is no one around to help alleviate the stress to get out the door on time, unless there is one good colleague that you work with in a team environment and cares if you have a good holiday too.  Well how about keeping to your own schedule, and stick with what you do on the daily instead like workout or read a book, instead of filling it up with too many other activities.  Like the bake sale at work or all those fun things that go on, can really just take up time from your daily routine and tasks.

But here nor there, it's all about time management right?  Well, I beg to differ, since there is a constant amount of workload being placed on people these days, not only up until a holiday or break but on the holidays now a days and from ourselves too~!  Being perfect and having everything just so, will probably stress you right out. So try to laugh and forget about getting it all done "perfectly", without any hitches, the house is clean enough or the clutter from baking will be alright if you left it for a minute. 

If the boss is calling during Christmas Eve, because an alarm is going off well then you might want to answer if it's your duty to do so, but I prefer to not answer or return the messages right away, if I even notice the messages.  Once I am on break, I lose the thought of being on call, but this could be a breaking point for a boss if they expect you to live and breathe work.  If I worked for those holidays or they are part of the respective statutory holidays, you can expect people to have a little bit of a life and not get to the phone right away.

Anyways, I also know we may spread out energy very thinly, when promising to attend holiday parties and events.  After all, there is only so much time in a day, and if everyone would ask you to attend something, you might go back to work even more fatigued than you already were, craving down time that you didn't get.  This is also the case, if you are around certain family or in-laws that might be more gruelling to talk to or are plain old mean.  You could try taking those people to a restaurant where they might be best behaved, or you could try to ignore there antics a bit more and breathe deeply.  When you start getting sick with a cold or flu, from perhaps indulging in alcohol or foods or people that increase your chance of getting sick later by running down your immune system, well you can thank yourself for loosing money instead of being at work after the holidays.  Vacation time is nothing to sneeze at when you get sick.

I would even go as far to say, that if you attend one or two events for the season that is acceptable.  I know many people cannot stand quiet time. and that is why they always are in the need for others to be on the phone with or yakking all the time, let alone at every party.  There is a time to catch up and then there is a time to just chill out to yourself and even start your OWN traditions, such as peace and quiet or go and look out at the universe with the Northern Lights flickering in the sky.  That could be a very nice time with a cup of hot chocolate.  Turn off your tech gadgets, and tune out.  You don't need to keep being on the phones or answering texts just to "keep busy".  After all, that is a way to increase your adrenaline and expose yourself to constant wifi signals which mounts your stress again.

 Even hosting a party is time consuming and by the evening you might feel like you should have got a nap in or hired that catering company, and when most guests don't show up due to what ever reason, remember you could have definitely scaled back on all the extras you went about providing. You could also ask for some help, perhaps everyone can bring something and make it a potluck holiday dinner.  It does become a lot of work to cook and clear up the tables afterwards,  but with that YOU enjoy the holiday anyway you see fit and best.  Although I enjoy cooking, it's not fun when you not many people show up and you just created more work for yourself.

Enjoy some non-conventional foods for the holidays that boost your endorphins or are an antioxidant for your body,  such as spice or honey.  Eat a nice healthy breakfast before you have too much caffeine, so you don't feel cranky by noon. You could try healthier dessert options instead of sugary treats, such as fruit salad instead of butter tarts.  It's still important to keep your vitamins and mineral levels in check!

And how about giving yourself a gift this year, such as a massage or spa time, or a retreat instead of running around for others gifts, you can also get in some extra gym time and work out some stress and toxins from your body.  Or you could start planning a vacation for yourself for the New Year.  You might feel good doing that, giving yourself a positive outlook!  You will feel rejuvenated for it!

                                                                  MERRY CHRISTMAS! 
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