Sunday, November 20, 2011

Smooth Sundays

Yes, I often talk about setting up your week for success. How about taking it easy?  That also gives us time to breathe and gain our energy.  If you have prepared through out your weekend to make Sunday your actual day-off, then that's great.

If you are like some who have left everything until Sunday to do like laundry, housecleaning, homework, or whatever it is you may have left too much to do.  In fact it might be altogether heard to complete before a busy work week. But there is still hope and perhaps you can put on some music and concentrate on your tasks.

I am usually still working on things on Sunday as well, and watch movies on Friday night or Dateline to get my murder mystery fix.  Sometimes I don't though so that I can accomplish all I need to do on Saturday.  If I get to bed at a decent enough time on Friday night, then I can get up early enough to do paperwork for my business or other things before Sunday.

That's not to say you cannot log in a show or go out in nature for awhile, or keep yourself motivated by watching some inspiring videos.  To keep me motivated, I actually recommend putting on some smooth jazz or your favorite easy listening music. A favorite of mine is "Rare Requests Smooth Jazz Volume 4" and it includes many famous smooth jazz musicians,and even some not so recognized artists. It could be snowing outside, or gloomy and I find this type of music transforms my mood.

It is nice to put yourself in a different space (even if it's all in your head) and get work done.  I also like to put on "relaxing music" videos from You Tube.  As long as you don't go over your bandwidth usage for the month with your internet provider it's nice to put on a video and listen or whistle while you work.  Make a green tea for mental clarity and improvement of the body, or blend a smoothie to give you added energy to feel balanced.

More great sites that have music are or (if not outside of the US). I used to listen to Pandora until it was restricted and Jango is a personalized radio station (depending on what your preferences are) or you can also choose some that are already created and playing music.  It is nice to play something like radio anyways where you are not getting distracted with what is playing and just listen away. You can also still purchase radios and listen the old fashioned way on the air.  I have a shower radio I use to listen to my favorite stations. Also there are "Galaxy" radio stations on conventional cable packages.  So don't forget to take advantage of that if you are paying for a hefty cable bill.

That's just me though.  Some people like to put on their own playlists and listen in their ears with headphones on as well.  My friend likes heavy metal and gets her house cleaned that way.  Maybe you like to get to the library to get some things done. Whatever your style it is good to set yourself up for success all while being gentle on yourself and treating yourself to a nice space or headspace.

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