Monday, September 26, 2011

Let's start

I am trying to always improve my writing on "I am just like Garfield on Mondays ")

I hope the information, comments and all things posted on this blog are clear, accurate, entertaining and interesting, but above all helpful.  I would love to hear feedback about past archived articles.  I would like to know is there anyone interested in hearing about having more energy in the day?  How about being energetic enough to achieve all your goals? How about tips to help you in all departments of work and family life?

You may want to take a look at swapping coffee out for a tastier and more refreshing drink that can actually help you achieve the spunk to do anything from your excercise routine to making your grueling work day a breeze!!   I was taking Crave drinks in the mid-afternoon but I cannot always get more packets sent to me, so I came up with an alternative.  I simply make ginger ice tea with some lemon and a form of  natural sweetener in it like honey or maple syrup.  I like the taste and it is refreshing instead of loading up on caffeine late in the day. I also recommend a Tumeric-Ginger version for the health benefits.  Try it in the link below!

Tumeric-Ginger Tea

I am about to finish off summer events early since it's now turning into fall.  It's a busy, time of year with the Farmer's Markets finishing up a lot of produce in the fall and fall craft fairs are also open.
I like to look around and get inspired for canning and also start with some Christmas preparations as well.

It's not unlike me to buy out all the squashes and gourds either.  I decorate my dining room table and kitchen counters with platters or bowls of them, and then when I feel a recipe coming on requiring some fresh fall harvest I simply use one up.  And I make sure to watch them and rotate any out if I think it should be used up soon.

A nice time to roast some squashes if time prevails is on the weekend.  You can then have side dishes of roasted or mashed squash during the week or enjoy right away.  Until next time I hope your week is smooth sailing! 
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