Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FREE Online TV Update!

Hellooooo there, just a quick update~ I have been tracking where to watch free TV shows online.
I have come across a few good streaming sites and some that work to watch channels from around the world.  I just may go and axe the cable bill now.

Here's the links people:

This site lists many channels from cartoons, many classic movie channels, sports and US channels like Fox News Talk Live Stream.  Apparently there is an adult channel +18 tab, so Mom's don't leave kids alone to browse ALL the channels but there is so many more quality shows to choose and much much more~!

Here we have many western classic channels, cartoon, cooking and many classic shows.  You have to choose each channel open the player and see if it's what you want to watch, it's kind of a gamble depending on what you like...... good luck.

Now, some of you may have seen the cable provider's message about switching from analog to
digital, and it may cause some outages depending on the way you watch your t.v. shows.
You can watch almost all the CTV programs, that you watch on t.v. on the Internet and the latest
breaking news on Global.  There are soap operas, prime time evening shows like "The Deadliest Catch" and when you click to watch it you are taken to Discovery Channel ( so don't forget about that.  There are many programs you can view on Discovery and History. "The Voice" also is available to watch on CTV and daytime talk such as "The View" and you can choose when you want to watch the shows you missed,.  So that is convenient and better than cable if you can choose when you watch it.

There is the Bravo site that you can choose to watch video on, and it is all about arts, entertainment, music and culture.  You can also read about top stories, view the online t.v. schedule and browse about arts, but there seem to be limited shows available on this site and the movies are played on television but it's worth being in the online t.v. options.

Have you heard of Blip TV?  Here's some of the best in original web series, I haven't really sat through and watched anything just yet but it does look a bit like amateur or freelance video's not necessarily real television, but hey I don't know that's my opinion, and you just may like it so, here's the link:

Hockey lovers, you can watch live free, live and also archived hockey games, I admit you do have to
hunt for the game you want to watch, but if you are a fan you will do it, right?  I think it's basically
any games that were shown on CBC and the classic archived games from years past.  Pretty sweet.

Some people that are scouting out the best TV for you already, (that is available online) in Canada
is Scout TV!  There are links right to all the stations like CBC, CTV, Global and Discovery and you can watch almost everything you already are watching and maybe more!

TV Shack used to a great site for shows and movies, but since it has changed for what ever reason, I don't believe is free anymore.  It is also now called TV Central.  Here's the site though, I just never bother to sign up and 'proceed to the next step', which is likely the credit card payment step or something.  You can see for your self though:

You can watch Global TV online!  Yes, Rookie Blue, Love Bites, classic, short webisodes like "Who's the Boss" and much more!

If you watch MTV on TV, for reality shows, music or entertainment news, you also can watch it all
online!  You do have to wait a day or two later for the shows that were on television, to be posted online, so some of your friends may see it first if they have it on TV.  They see it first and spoil it for you then unfriend them (just kidding)..... but hey you can save money.  Who is the smart one?

Finally, I found this quite interesting, that if you are in a certain area you may not be able to watch
a lot of content online. others are able to like in the US.  I found this out when I tried to watch Internet TV from Windows Media Center.  It offers all the channels from the US, movies, etc.  I mean
this would replace cable, so I got excited and checked out the channel line-up and clicked on what I wanted to watch.  I tried "The Talk" with Sarah Ferguson featuring on the episode, and it downloaded all the shows and then I clicked and it was loading....... so I thought I was in the money but then I read the message that said this is "not available in my area". Bummer and I tried this over and over for other shows and came to the same result.......
Well, there is an application called Anchor Free which is a hot spot shield.  It was the first I heard of this, and it is supposed to block you making you private, secure and anonymous online. 
Apparently, by doing this, if you are blocked the shows that you are not able to access may just be able to work for you, after all they won't know what "area" you are in.  I read this somewhere, so honestly I am NOT "recommending" (that's my disclaimer) this and you would have to look into this more before you take it from me,.  So, anyways, to find out more google it and here's the Anchor Free link:

That's all I have found so far, and now you can actually use this blog page as an online channel guide~!  I will post more interesting and better sites if I find them..... perhaps you can let me know back here if you find any as well.  Similarly, if any of these links become outdated and do not work please let me know.  :)

Also, get ready for my 'Summer Events Posting' schedule which is coming up on Sunday, and will tell you a couple weeks ahead of time, when I will be posting recipes, certain topics of interest, easy summer and beach body exercises and much more!
Trying to get organized here people. See you later!

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