Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cutting Off Mondays

Since the coming of spring and better weather, permitted that you are not going into tornado
weather, well, I've been thinking it's time to cut off the T.V. cable or most of it....I think it's time to get outdoors!

It has been snowing for a couple days here, but spring still has me thinking to tuck away the winter gear and come out with my lighter spring clothing.  I will simply have to haul my boots out every now and then if the snow never breaks up. It will be a long weekend for Easter Break so I love it.  I hear the weather should be quite lovely so those people that are with me for the love of spring, shed the woollies and scarfs, and sport some light and bright outfits!

It's time to put out the planter pots and set-up the scheme of your patio or deck...... or look for some new ideas to add to your yard.  I have an over sized balcony which this year I do plan on really focusing on the vegetables and flowers.  I plan to make this my best year ever as I am used to the surprises of the weather
and elements of this region of the city by now.  Some pre-planting indoors is essential to this zone, just to
give the plants a head-start.

I plan to service my mountain bike this upcoming weekend and make sure the tires and such are good to go.  I can certainly test it out on Sunday after eating.  I have some good food to cook up and will make the traditional whipped potatoes, rolls and salads.  It should be succulent!

Speaking of cooking, one may want to catch up on baking as well and store some of the Easter dinner as instant freezer meals.  This is a trick I do to save time during the week back to work after the holiday.
I am a big advocate of freezing my own hungry man meals for my lunches or if I am running late from work and don't have a lot of time to prepare something new for dinner when I arrive home, then just warm up one of your leftover meals.  If you are going to school and have exams it is really handy to have food already prepped and prepared so you can warm it up and keep up with studying.

Anyways, some crafting of Easter eggs is also something that I love for the Easter Weekend. My Grandma taught us how to make the Ukranian ones where you blow out the eggs from a pinhole.  They are certainly lovely afterwards when decorated and you can hang them as well. Take time to make something nice and on that note, I will not be blogging Easter Monday or well Sunday rather it is time to enjoy and take it easy.

So Monday tips will hault for awhile but have a fabulous long weekend Monday!

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