Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Constant Improvement 2018

This blog is always under improvement, just like myself. A work in progress for sure, as I start the New Year just like most other people, retrospectively thinking of new goals for the New Year.  I usually take a little more time to analyze things, and my goals have drastically changed over the years.  It occurred to me, while I might like to share knowledge with others, and I also benefit from writing in general and working at the craft, sometimes keeping to ourselves is beneficial as well, especially when things feel too diluted.

It becomes somewhat of a creative writing outlet to blog and post, but the tedious research on some topics (more serious posts on and with little time to accomplish everything, it feels at times expectations are high.  So I did not have time to put out more content on this blog per say, but there are others I am working on and I have come to try to do work on many bodies of work.  For the longest time, I worked a part-time or full-time and also kept active here, so strange that I seem to have less time these days although motherhood is time-consuming (if you don't want to park your child in front of a  T.V. as a babysitter), and kept learning and writing- thus developing more and more.  Back when I started this blog, I still found more time to post regularly.

Each year I take a mini-vacation, whether it's a break to go camping or it might just be visiting folks. Well a technical break to me is no talking, not doing much or at least not doing too much for at least 3-4 days (a little longer than a long weekend), and shutting off the electronics and just focusing on my breathing and eating habits.  I get to feeling annoyed if I am over-burdened by others in this time period, but anyway it does wonders if you can do this.  Now that is a break, no expectations on myself or anyone else, no real high-intensity vacations that leave you feeling mentally tired when you arrive back and those times might not have the same meaning, but can be cherished in a different way.  The time you were allowing of yourself to rest and reboot.

That being said, I felt a little of that since whether I wanted to or not, I had to take time off to rest and get better because I caught a fairly bad cold.  Being forced to sleep is not exactly my vision of relaxing, while also a priority was taking care of my little one who was also sick.  Previous to that I took time off this past December to participate in most of the local community's winter and festive activities.  Just to have some fun.  Jump to a couple months past the New Year, I am working on some key topics, with more clarity, motherhood still in full swing which is everything and more, and I think I have grown by leaps and bounds.  I actually can "shut the noise off" just by watching how much I am asking of myself and defining boundaries on what others want from me or when.  It seems easier to do this when you move to the country where it tends to be quieter, but that's another topic.

I recommend to everyone to take time for yourself, calm down, with no electronic devices (or very little), turning notifications off for some time and take time to rest and relax, indulging in the simple things or put on some light and peaceful spa music and do a facial.  Taking time to relax allows your higher self to send very important upgrades to your own interface, so to speak.  This has helped me in the past, now and hopefully for years to come. Cheers!

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