Saturday, January 25, 2014

Back From Holidays Post

Well, the Holidays are over.  I have just been relaxing when at all possible with all the hustle and bustle before.  A month can fly by very easily after those so called holidays and while you save your pennies back up.  All the festivity and running around and I still had to work in between Christmas and New Year's, so it certainly wasn't a break  for me.  Plus, it all left me a bit tired and it is winter so the little daylight doesn't help.  Luckily we have some sunny days ahead.

What are your feelings about a Scrooge boss?  We all have bills to pay- including the office needs to make money,, I get it,  but with the winter weather and nothing to do at work, it's a bore and it's almost impossible to want to go!  I was feeling a bit run down right before Christmas too and it doesn't matter, a manager wants production....... even though that's counter-productive after I made a lot of sales.  I did not see so much recognition even though I took over the B2B sales.  So there are always more to be made, but the customers are currently away.  So I was sort of planning other things to do, to set myself up for more sales come the New Year.  I did my sales lists and made some calls, but I didn't "burn myself out".  Maybe I thought it was not smart of the company, but I think I am wrong.

Here's the kicker though.  I was yelled at for doing what I am supposed to do- and told to do what I already did.  Do you thrive in an environment like that?  I over hear the in-fighting all the time between the IT person and the owner, all while I am on the phone trying to make sales calls. Customers on the phone have heard it and I had to sheepishly brushed it off but knew it was unacceptable.  There was also some verbal abuse going on.  I see many other shortcomings there to tell the truth but my fault is that I took the position out of fear of not being in the field that I knew and do well, as I was out of a job during taking some schooling.

So,  I won't get into speaking too much about anyone in particular, but the only thing that keeps me wanting to go in is that I am self-driven in sales and the money is there.  I enjoy when I am left alone to make my sales and not be micro-managed, although I invite good coaching.  People attempting to verbally abuse me is not my favorite, but I overall handled it.  I knew right then, it was time to take steps to work away from this position, as unfortunately there is not a resolve to anything there.

I have been interrupted a few times in the most rude ways, and when I have expressed excitement for a working relationship with a client, and then it would lead to a possible sale.  "Did you get a sale though?"- being that I just touched based with the customer and a sale would have been built on a flimsy foundation.  So I see there is no concern to hear what is going on then or where I could grow the company.

Also to think it will always be a sale in one shot is very unrealistic, when that's not entirely how operations work in bigger companies.  Most times there is consulting with other parties, establishing if there is room in the budget for such initiatives and it takes building relationships and establishing repoire with each other.  I always try to research and see what my clients company NEEDS and is a MUST.  Then I can be on the same page as them, and not just trying to "sell" the wrong product to them.

DON'T try to sell someone until you have established that they need the product; so uncovering needs and the trust that your product can deliver, otherwise they may be right turned off for good most times.  You will never hear from them again and they will try to avoid you.

I was thinking now is the time to set-up for another endeavour. I have been weighing out and I finally got juicing so my focus is getting better than ever and clear.  I would recommend you to read the below juicing chart if you want to get started- the benefits are very excellent and try to stay away from GMO fruits and vegetables, and buy all the organic you can.  Better yet grow your own produce if you can.

See my other blogs and postd if you have not checked those out,  as I will be busy for a little while again!  See all of them in my blog profile. :)

All the best in 2014!  Have a great week.

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