Monday, July 02, 2012

Take it Easy ~ Tortilla Salad with Tortilla Wrap Chips

Happy Monday, and since Canada Day was yesterday, we do get today off in lieu of it being on Sundays.  These are the best kind of Mondays!  And with that being said it is feeling more like summertime.

I wanted to mention a interesting and quick great summertime salad to make, so you can take it easy.
It's filling and delicious, and it's a great way to use up your tortilla wraps before they go bad.
I usually eat flax tortillas, and in my opinion those are best to use for this recipe.

First you can start washing and preparing vegetables for the salad, which you can use what ever you like and then set those all to the side.  Vegans can use only vegetables and non-animal food products and if you are vegetarian you may want to use some shredded cheese with this salad.  If you do eat cheese, it goes well with the tortilla chips that you will make.

Take your tortilla wraps, and cut them into triangles.  I put them all in a pile, and then cut them all half ways and then cut them into half again and so on.  You will end up with circular triangles.

Now, here's the part where you will be careful and that's frying them.  You only need a small amount of oil in a large pot and you should heat that up on medium to medium-high heat.  Turn it down before it's getting too hot at any time.  Put your tortilla triangles into the cooking oil in small batches.  About 5-6 tortilla chips per batch.

Stay there cooking and watch carefully.  They turn brown fast so stay and cook them and do not leave anything unattended.  If you have to go, then take the pot off and turn off the burner.  Watching closely at the first sign of light golden brown  and then flip the tortilla wrap chip carefully, using metal flippers or turners.  NEVER use plastic or anything like that, as it will melt.  Then prepare a plate or I use a metal bake pan, and put that off to the side away from the burner.  Line the pan with clean paper towel.

When you are removing the chips from the oil, also remove the pot of oil, to a burner that is off and hold it with oven mitts on.  Safety tip for the clumsy.  Remove the triangle chips onto the paper towel ed pan.  Finish cooking all the chips until done, in the same way, and removing them in batches. Turn off the burner and cool the oil at back of  the stove on a burner that was not on.

Then prepare your salad the way you like it. I use a mix if salad greens, cucumber and other vegetables on hand.  Then add on top the tortilla chips and add cheese on top.  I use a marble cheese,
since it's a nice balance of both cheddar and mozzarella.  I think sometimes it is easy to make a salad dressing, but if you are in a rush a good dressing to use for this salad is honey mustard dijon.  "Compliments" brand for Sobeys actually makes a low fat, and tasty one.  Serve right away so the tortilla chips are fresh and crisp.

P.S.Sorry, I did start to eat before taking a picture as I was starving! Bon appetite!

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