Friday, July 15, 2011

Calgary Stampede Friday Update~!


I went to the Stampede for basically free yesterday and got to enjoy the Midway rides with an All-Day pass.  Exhibits down at the grounds were also good. I ate lunch for free too courtesy of  my friends and we actually went off the grounds and went to Wendy's to fill up.

Then I figured we could sample the Stampede treats as a snack later on.  We actually didn't get too
much just some candy in the evening and a couple other deep fried foods.  I was really feeling not well from the rides as we went on. Maybe it was the free ice cream I got someplace.

So, I must say though I don't love the rides anymore and seemed I am finding them too scary and they make me nauseated.  This year, I literally had anxiety and fear, perhaps partial whip lash from some of the rides.  I even almost got sick after riding the "The Skyscraper". 

I had the shakes from the "The Mega Drop" and I will never ever ride "The Fireball" again! I am just grateful when the rides are over but my friends persisted and wanted me to go with them on more and more rides, until I suggested we go on the scariest ride to get it out of the way.  I knew it would be coming, so down with the"Mega Drop". 10 seconds of me screaming.  It goes so fast but is the scariest that I ever have been on.  I still like the Ferris wheel which I suggested to go on.  It is more my style and is nice to take in the night's fireworks.  It was perfect timing! 

I will try to post a video sometime but that is the last time I take any rides with my friends at the Stampede.  So, I also got a chance to look at this years vendor and merchant booths at the Round-Up Centre.  There were many, many interesting booths and things to buy.  I didn't spend anything as I just didn't see anything that caught my eye.  Plus everything was twice as expensive than if in a regular store so I just peeped my eyes on ideas and neat innovations.

So, overall it was a nice day with perfect weather.  I didn't even use a lot of sunblock and took to the shade if I could to avoid full sunshine all day.  Here's a sneak peek of some pictures!

Have a nice week!

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