Monday, April 04, 2011

The Making of a Monday Morning Zombie and Insomniac

Act 1............................................
A few late nights, a few missed hours of sleep, a drink or two on a Thursday night while already tired from the week.  Still to finish Friday at work? Unfortunately, I have not been getting to bed at a reasonable time lately and there is always something I have not finished.  I feel like running away and joining the circus sometimes, instead of going back to work on Monday after a weekend of catching up on sleep. 

Though I don't want to sleep away my weekend, it's no telling I will after all the work I accomplish during the week.  Not to mention some people call me later in the evening to talk on the phone, and despite avoiding calls when I am sleeping or busy, I feel it rude not to pick up.

My sleeping pattern is the worst I admit.  Later weekend nights spent trying to catch up on organizing, other chores, let alone some reading time and catching up on my favorite movies.  More recently I had been applying for job positions, preparing for interviews and trying to maintain an exercise routine.

Anyways, my inconsistent rest routine is definitely not a habit I want to form and it probably is not positive
to my health. In fact, I do recall watching a documentary on brain health, and lack of sleep was one of the bad habits that affects the brain health in a bad way.

Sunday nights I often have trouble falling asleep.......worrying about things will keep me up on a night that I have to be asleep and up early in the morning.  My internal clock was now telling me that I should not be sleeping.  I lay there and my brain would not shut down.  I did everything I could to try to sleep and it was not working at all.  I finally had to make a snack, consisting of 2 slices of raisin bread toast and a glass of milk.  For some reason, that was just what I needed to I fall asleep, and almost instantly.

The best thing for anyone is to maintain a regular sleep pattern and good bedtime habits.  If we do that, your body will communicate how much sleep you need.  It's not always 8 hours a night (at least they say) that everyone will need.  I find if I am in the country and there is plenty of fresh air, then I require less sleep and will be up earlier in the morning.  Also napping too late in the day can disturb your sleeping patterns, as you will be wired at the time you should be unwinding.

If that project you are working on is not done by bedtime you simply will have to get up early to start on it again tomorrow, if you want to maintain your sleep schedule.  If you fast from 8 pm until morning, you should be ready for breakfast or at least a smoothie packed with some protein and get up early to do a good morning workout.  You may notice that once you make this a routine, it will become second nature.

Some great methods to get to sleep and rely on, is making a nice cup of chamomile tea with no sugar or just honey.  Then you won't get hyper on sweetener and chamomile is a sleepy time tea on it's own.
Draw your self a luxurious bath and add lavender or your favorite bath oil or have a nice luke warm shower at around 8 p.m.  This will give you enough time for your body to start feeling relaxed and your mind to turn off. By 9pm you should be ready to turn everything off and go to bed.

The key is to make sure your muscles and body are relaxed before bed, so maybe your spouse or significant other can rub your back and turn the lights down low.  It will do wonders for your mood so that you can feel relaxed and call it a night.

If you like to shower in the mornings to wake up, perhaps fill a hot water bottle (with hot water) when going to bed and wrap it up in a thick towel and nestle that at the cradle of your back.  As you feel the warm cozy feeling, you can warm up and fall asleep just like a baby.

Last but not least, there's the biochemistry of sex.  It can tire you out~!
It can make a women tired at times but more often men, (after orgasm), men's brains release many chemicals but the most notable one being prolactin.  Prolactin levels are the highest naturally during sleep and in animals that have been tranquilized.  They immediately are tired.

Again, try not to stay up late, no matter the activity, especially if you don't want to pay the price on Monday morning.  Have a great week, and please subscribe to my blog~ if you would like to stay tuned!

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