Thursday, July 17, 2014

Something to Consider.......

Although you might be waiting for a new post from me, something of my writings or a poem, or some advice of reference to help you through Monday or the work week and continuing on, the fact of the matter is I have taken a break at this time.  I mean when I take a break, all business does not halt, however, I may take an active role in changing my opinion on what my business is and not always look at the pursuit of money. 

I have so many projects on the go but today, according to my some studies on numerology and how I also feel corresponds that I am to take it easy and slow down on active work.  Rightfully,  one should give themselves time to look at the vision ahead and get some focus on the revelations.  Expressing your ideals is great, but don't force any issues at times when your taking in your own inventory.

It can be something else when helping others and sharing your knowledge, and at the same time not exploiting yourself.  Anyways, today I am taking some time and to spend it in the clouds being a dreamer and visionary.  Save the practicalities for tomorrow!
Have a great week!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Back From Holidays Post

Well, the Holidays are over ~  I have just been relaxing when at all possible, with all the hustle and bustle before- a month can fly by very easily after those supposed holidays and while you save your pennies back up.  All the festivity and running around; and I still had to work in between Christmas and New Year's so it certainly wasn't a break  for me.  It all left me a bit tired and it is winter so the little daylight doesn't help.  Luckily we do get some nice sunny days where I am.

What are your feelings about a Scrooge boss who makes you come into work the rest of the week after the holiday Christmas and Boxing Day?  We all have bills to pay- including the office needs to make money, but with the winter weather and nothing to do at work, it's a bore and it's almost impossible to want to go!  I was feeling a bit run down right before Christmas too and it doesn't matter, a manager wants production....... even though that's counter-productive as there are no B2B sales to be made, as all customers are away.  They might as well shut the doors and not waste the electricity if you ask me.  Most companies are smarter than that though and a good amount of people get the rest of the week off.

Well I am not surprised of this at that workplace, I was yelled at for doing what I am supposed to do- and told to do what I already did; a total lunatic the owner is!  I over hear the in-fighting all the time between the IT person and the owner- and mainly it's the owner being verbally abusive trying to get rise and argument going. I see many other shortcomings there to tell the truth.  I won't get into speaking too much about anyone in particular, but the only thing that keeps me wanting to go in is that I am self-driven and the money is there.  I enjoy when I am left alone to make my sales and not micro-managed.  People attempting to verbally abuse me- is not my favorite but I overall handle they it- by hand it back to them on a good day.  Lucky I don't put up with it forever, nor ever have.  If there was an HR department I would have reported things by now, but unfortunately there is not so I don't think it's going to work out to resolve anything there.

I have been interrupted a few times in the most rude ways, and when I have expressed excitement for a possible large corporate client sale and beginning to elaborate, have been interrupted,"Did you get a sale?"- being there is no concern to hear what is going on then or where I could grow the company.  No nurturing of employees.  Also to think it will always be a sale in one shot is very unrealistic, when that's not entirely how operations work in bigger companies.  Most times there is consulting with other parties, establishing if there is room in the budget for such initiatives and more and it takes building relationships and establishing repoire........ all while the other company has many key personnel in on a decision.  DON'T try to sell someone until you have established that they need the product; so uncovering needs and the trust that your product can deliver, otherwise they may be right turned off for good most times.

I was thinking now is the time to set-up for another endeavour I have been weighing out and I finally got juicing so my focus is getting better than ever. I would recommend you to read the below juicing chart if you want to get started- the benefits are very excellent and try to stay away from GMO fruits and vegetables.  See my other blogs if you have not checked those out- as I will be busy for a little while again!  See all of them in my blog profile. :)

All the best in 2014!  Have a great week.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Toothaches, Sores and Woes


Finally, putting together an epic post about all things well,  mouth pain.  I had heard of a many people getting tooth aches, root canals, tooth decay, cavities and more lately.  Even mouth sores seem to be more prevalent and in myself as well.  I even had a bout of the worst cold sore ever, during the holidays last December.  Now stress had a lot to do with it and being tired and run down, but I find sugar and sweets can also lead to poor mouth health.

Too much chocolate and pop can also lead to a mouthful of problems from canker sores to tooth decay and cavities. It's not always though, even with better care you might still end up at the dentist.  I had to have a root canal and have always brushed and flossed, and then the affected tooth started acting up and the dentist told me they recommended a root canal.

The only thing is I have read extensive literature that root canals cause many other health issues and are quite dangerous procedures.  Root-canaled teeth are dead teeth that can become silent incubators for highly toxic anaerobic bacteria.  You might be interested to read up on the information that over 25 million root canals are done on patients in North America.  It is an expensive procedure and I likely think dentists recommend this for that reason,  They also can be painful but the dental associations claim that there are not illnesses caused by root canals or there is an pain to the procedure.  There are many more nerve endings in the mouth area than was previously thought when dental practises implemented root canals in the early 1900's,  and the information dentists are provided with is not as extensive as necessarily thought. 

Anyways I am not here to dispute the dental associations or tell anyone what to do in the situations of tooth aches but if you cannot see the dentist due to lack of coverage or it's just not as serious to spend your savings on a small tooth ache or mouth sore, then here are some ways to ease your pain.

Massage your gums from the outside of your mouth, on your cheek where the pain is occurring.  Sometimes, this can bring some relief, but don't push hard or persist with this as you could aggravate your tooth ache but do keep you mouth brushed and clean.  Also avoid eating things that are hard snacks like corn nuts and avoid sugary treats.  Avoid smoking cigarettes, as the smoke can lead to infection and isn't helping with your own immune system to heal anything. Keep flossing even though you might have pain, it's imperative no food lingers around the affected tooth.
Many home remedies are available on the internet, and I will provide some links as well and some things might seem like a miracle but is not a substitute to a proper dental visit.

The good old salt and warm water mouth rinse definitely helps to cleanse your mouth.  Try a high quality sea salt too and your mouth will actually absorb some of it which isn't bad if you are using a natural and high quality source.  It's actually good for you.
I do know a mix of clove oil and vegetable or canola oil on a cotton ball, stuffed into your mouth where the affected tooth is works.  Leave it there and relax for an hour.  The clove oil does have to be diluted in this way to be safe and not too strong to apply, as it is strong stuff clove oil has been an old-world dentist remedy for thousands of years.  If you don't have clove oil, perhaps a whole clove ground up will work.  Do Not- grind clove oil in a plastic lid in the coffee grinder or pour clove oil into a plastic style jacuzzi tub, it will melt it and cause gauges where the plastic and cloves oil reacts.  True. 
Cinnamon is also a very useful spice and mixed with garlic and water can be an effective paste to apply to an affected tooth.
Here's a few more things to try to get rid of toothache pain: Home Remedies and more information about tooth ache care here: Homemade Treatments

How about canker sores? I had a horrendous canker sore underneath my tongue that hurt badly that I ended up speaking with a lisp on my sales calls.  So for clarity and enjoyment of a conversation, canker sores are not working for you on that.  Also some canker or teeth sores can cause one to have worse breath than normal, especially when your mouth dries out. 
Apparently, canker sores can be from stress, not eating properly so malnutrition or even brushing teeth too hard, poor dental hygiene or a compromised immune system.  I also notice that if I eat too many tomatoes I end up with at least one canker, so perhaps with some people it's acid in some fruits or vegetables that can aggravate them on. Sugar, again doesn't help anything to do with the mouth. Gargling with hot water and salt is what I have always done to clean and get rid of canker sores but there are some "Natural Mouthwashes for canker sores" and found there are many items in your kitchen that you can make a natural and healing mouthwash right here:  Homemade Mouthwash       but also here are 3 great tasting mouthwashes you can make and try out: Tasty DIY Mouthwash

Lastly, if nothing else works try an extra strength ibuprofen or Tylenol and get off your feet.  Restings will most times also help, as when you are on your feet or sitting upright also which tightens and uses muscles in your face.  That tends to be when throbbing starts, so laying down and just relaxing gets rid of the blood out of your face and mouth which I find helps.

Now too hot or cold foods are not recommended but perhaps icing the outside of the cheek of the affected area can also help but heating the area is not recommend as this can cause more problems.  Especially if it's already warm, but I would recommend going to the doctor is the area is warm or you have a fever.  That means there is a possibility of infection or abscess and this should be treated as very serious considering that the infections translates to poison to your body.  Poison in your blood stream from an infected tooth can cause tooth loss, jaw bone damage, other teeth can be damaged, sinus problems and even heart damage and more!  It is serious, so still if you cannot get into a dentist in cases of emergency be sure to see your doctor.  They can provide you antibiotics to get rid of the infection and swelling of your face or even recommend hospitalisation if it's that bad.  Here's what you can expect to if you are facing an certain abscesses in your mouth: Dental Abscess .  I hope that helps.  If I think of anything else I will add it in.  Have a great week!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having a Happy Thanksgiving  ~ if you're Canadian.  If you're not, your Thanksgiving is some time away but have a great weekend anyways!

I didn't eat any meat dishes, no turkey, no ham, so I am still on my vegetarian kick. I roasted a plethora of vegetables or sauteed dishes for my shared Thanksgiving dinner.  I had met a new friend and we paired up some food and made a nice dinner party out of it.  I also enjoyed a few glasses of vino, that started with a lovely Pinot Grigio by Beringer. 

Last week, I had promised a post about 'Tooth Pain'. What do you know I didn't get to that this past as, again have been extremely busy.  I will be working on that this week as soon as I clear my bookkeeping tasks.  Sorry for the delay!!

It's really a crucial time for me so please bare with me while this month is super busy!!
Enjoy the Thanksgiving Celebrations & Cheers~!


Saturday, October 05, 2013

Weekend Post

I missed this past Monday's usual post!  I just have been so busy chopping and canning salsa, and this past Monday was so tired again!  Blah!  I should be at it right now too but enough for a moment.

I have made many different varieties of salsa and I calculated my costs, and this is definitely the way to go if you are on a budget.  However, if you would rather tune into your favourite television show or you are busy as it is, then this might eat up your fun time.  I rather enjoy being in a clean kitchen and canning.  I just hum a tune or get into my own mind space, and it's enjoyable.   It's alright when you let the jars of product sit the necessary time, and see everything sealed and is ready to clean the jar and store away.  I find it an accomplishment, but I am an ant more than a grasshopper.  I have already harvested most of my garden, and dried herbs.  I actually was watching a blue-jay bird,  hop all over my garden pots looking for something to eat.  He or she keeps coming back, and so I try to sneak a picture but the bird takes off when I have a camera

I must purchase a food processor because I don't have one, and it's rather silly because I know how much faster the task could be, when preparing salsa or many various recipes.  I actually have been chipping myself from time, when foods that require pulverising or chopping takes me somewhat longer to prepare.  So, I must try to budget for even a small food processor very soon.  I was thinking that could be my Christmas gift to myself, this year.... and a smoothie maker. :)

Well, this weekend I am just going to finish up a few things that are past due.  My personal company has been very much needing my time, and organising is due as soon as I am completely finished fall and winter preparations.  I just found out that one of my favourite novels was not returned by the last person whom I lent it to.  I am sure I have torn every corner of the house apart!  I am a touch behind and will be catching up!

We all are going to be busy the next while, some friends are carpet cleaning, others are taking care of their laundry, others are just busy mothers, and many are working all week and weekends to make a living.  I sure hope I get a winter solstice retreat or some type of break.  Today could be a day of work for you, and tomorrow is your day to clean up your house, and take care of errands before you are back to work on Monday.  I will be easing off this busy schedule again, in the future. 

I will have some suggestions in the future, and if you are totally suffering from tooth aches or pain.
I likely have told you before about clove oil.  Google the application to do with tooth pain: you will find something about making a tincture with clove oil, putting it on a cotton ball.  Lodge that around the affected tooth.  Don't swallow.  Spit the cotton ball and excess clove oil and saliva out.  But more on that later, next week I will leave you with an in depth pain relief guide for many ailments.

Back to chocolate.  I actually didn't lay off chocolate this past couple weeks.  I have sampled various chocolate bars, including Godiva dark chocolate bar, Excellence Hazelnut GIANT chocolate bar, and at work as someone there had returned from their vacation to England and brought in the most delicious chocolates. I had two pieces of the dark chocolate!  WOW, talk about fresh and creamy. It is called Cotsworld Chocolate:

Please comment below, I would love to hear what your favourite chocolate is! 
Have a wonderful weekend~! See you next week!