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Kick-Off & Summer 2011 Events Calendar

Happy Monday!! Well, hopefully you are going to be happy when you are done reading this weekly post.
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Let's get right to it and kick off summer and my summertime events blog topics.  Be sure to look out for some bonus segments.  Who doesn't like bonus??
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Do-It-Yourself Beauty: A summer exclusive that will feature natural, simple and easy do it yourself ways to make your own beauty solutions.

This week's tip:   Lip Exfoliation

Take some sugar and some lemon juice mix this in a small, clean non-porous container and then rub this on your lips.  It is a great way to exfoliate dry skin, as recommended on
Follow-up with some Vitamin E (you can break open a Vitamin e capsule or use the Vitamin E skin oil) and honey and use this to condition your lips in between exfoliating.  Alternatively, you can mix sugar and honey together to achieve similar results or use your toothbrush regularly to brush your lips and scrub away dead skin before applying your favorite lip conditioner.
Enjoy smooth lips this summer!

Summer Recipe of the Week:
You will see a new summer inspired recipe each week, featuring something mouth watering great recipes.  I hope this will help you host all your summer time gatherings!
*Check out the health facts on the recipes I post.

This week:  Herb Rubbed Steak with Pepper & Arugula Relish

Prep time: 10 minutes Total time: 30 minutes Serves: 4
Health facts to this recipe,
Per Serving (1/4 of the recipe):
250 calories, 25 grams protein, 13 grams total fat
(3 grams saturated fat), 55 milligrams cholesterol,
7 grams carbohydrates, 1 gram fibre, 4 grams sugars,
230 milligrams sodium
Shopping List:
1 lb (500 g) Top Sirloin Grilling Steak
1 tbsp. Italian Herb Seasonings; oregano, thyme,
basil, rosemary,  made into a paste
1 red pepper, diced
1 sweet onion, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 tbsp. (30 ml) olive oil, divided
1 tbsp. (15 ml) aged balsamic vinegar
1/4 tsp. (1 ml) salt and pepper, divided
1/2 cup (125 ml) finely chopped arugula

Heat barbecue to medium high.  Rub the steaks with herb paste and set aside on a plate.  Set the red pepper, onion and garlic on a double layer of foil. 

Drizzle with 1 tablespoon of the olive oil and balsamic vinegar and sprinkle with 1/8 teaspoon each of salt  and pepper.  Seal foil tightly into a packet.  Set on the grill and cook with the lid closed for about 8-10 minutes.

Drizzle the steaks with the remaining olive oil.  Grill for 2 to 3 minutes per side on medium (160*F/71*C reading on an instant thermometer).  Season steaks with remaining salt and pepper.
Let rest once finished cooking for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Meanwhile, mix the washed and chopped arugula into the red pepper and onion mixture to make a warm relish, seasoning to taste.  Thinly slice the steak and serve with the relish.

Hey, if you have no BBQ, use a roasting pan, and combine the red pepper, onion and garlic with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, the vinegar and 1/8 teaspoon each salt and pepper.  Set the pan in the top third of the oven and broil for 10-12 minutes or until the vegetables are caramelized, stirring occasionally.  On the stove top, sear oiled steaks in an ovenproof skillet over medium-high heat, 1 minute per side.  Transfer the skillet to the oven and broil for 2 to 3 minutes per side on medium (same reading as above on the instant-read thermometer).  Enjoy!

Better Body Time:
You can try a new exercise this summer to help you look better and gain more energy. This article will feature easy small exercises that you can fit into a hectic schedule.

This week: Bun Burning Wall Squat

This exercise is not necessarily easy, but the time goes by fast enough and anyone can allot 15 minutes from their day to do this quick routine You will need to be wearing unrestricted work-out clothes, use a dedicated wall to squat against and support your back and have no obstacles around, and have proper running shoes for support.

The technique is not hard but I would recommend you see the below link from, I decided it's the best way to describe the exercise and the best to follow their guidelines.

If you have any further questions or concerns before you start any exercises, and you should consult your doctor if you have knee problems, pain or other physical disadvantages.  Please do this first if you are concerned, as this may not be the exercise for you.

Here's the link that leads you directly to where they discuss the proper technique to
a wall squat:

Interesting there are many reasons as to why to do the squat exercise:

Here's a link to the proper way you should look when doing this exercise; in case you need a visual. Ch11_img_7c.jpg

Fresh Summer Drinks:
Whether it be a refreshing, cold, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, fruity, berry, tropical or delicious drink, this summer exclusive will feature a new summer time inspired drink weekly.

Get ready for your thirst to be quenched!

This week: Spicy Peach

2 thin slices of serrano
A few slices of lime
2 ounces of Stoli Peach Vodka
Splash of Rose's Lime
Splash of simple syrup
Stir or mix gently the chili slices and lime in a
shaker.  Add ice, vodka, Rose's, and the simple syrup.
Shake and strain into a stemmed glass.
Created by: Sam Fowler, Olive or Twist, Portland, Ore.
Now I am thinking this can also be done with Pear Vodka.
That would be a nice spin on this refreshing cool one.

Balcony Garden and UPDATE! Picture revealed today!
I thought I would load a picture to show you my small but flourishing balcony garden.  At least I am trying to grow some herbs and salad, as well as several tomato plants.

There was a bit of a set-back when it came to my small herb planter.  Aphids attacked and killed almost everything I was growing, and despite using recommended organic ways to kill these pests they took my plants down with them.

I finally purchased a spray product that can be used up to a day before harvesting, if need be.   It is made from a flower itself, so it is a plant product. I don't plan to have any more aphids or pests.  If you want to know the product that has worked so far, then please comment a question below, and I will answer.  I want to hear from other gardeners!

The bug killing product was purchased at Wal-mart for about $7.00  and it worked to kill off these aphids before they kill my basil plant.  Now, I will be purchasing some more herbs and will replant that section if I find the time. It had set me back about $17 dollars, between plants and remedy to solve the bug problem.
I do have strawberries growing in the hanging containers and we ate a few so far.  These are totally organic, and contain no pesticides as store bought strawberries do.  I did not have to use any bug killing agents or take any measures on these so far.    I still give the berries a wash and then pat them dry and cut them up over my favorite cereal.

My tomatoes are doing very well and I have some more started in my small greenhouse.If you see the plastic cover that is the little greenhouse (seen in photo).  I will have full and grown tomatoes from my mature plants in no time I hope. 

I also have sprouted squash, pickle cucumber plants, assorted pepper plants, lettuce, spinach, parsley
and more purple and green basil plants.  I will keep you posted this summer on the progress of this garden and hopefully you are gardening along with  me!!  Happy growing. :)

Jam Studio Review Bonus Segment:

I had been meaning to write this article for awhile, letting everyone who writes or creates music to know about Jam Studio.  I had stumbled upon it and was so happy last year.  I have had a subscription for about a year now and I am creating some great songs. 

There is also a forum on jam studio that allows artists to share and chat with each other.  I would recommend this part of the jam studio experience as well, as I had constructive and good feedback about a song I posted.  It was a song I created for a friend's son that does gymnastic routines.

At least currently you don't need a subscription to create music, but if you wish for the all access granted pass for the full benefits to jam studio then you do need a subscription.  The subscription, when I joined was $29.99 every six months. You do get a karaoke recorder and drum producer program with that subscription, so I think it's well worth it to have an at home recording studio.

Now, I would certainly still like a keyboard and guitar to accompany my songs so that will be down the road, perhaps this fall.

Double Bonus Segment:

This week:  Book Reading Update

I am working my way through reading 55 Surefire Internet Businesses, You Can Start for Under $5,000 by Entrepreneur Press & Melissa Campanelli.  It is quite interesting and I am learning a certain amount so far on ideas of businesses, to how to actually get started.

IThe key learning's are very interesting.  You can find out all about the books I have read on camping trips and my top book recommendations later if you like- just let me know in the comments and I will send you more information.

Plus a peak interest of the week, also comes from  It's how to look 10 years younger, with make-up magic!  Well, proper make-up application can be magic.  Check it out! :)

Don't forget to browse the Upcoming Summer Events Schedule/Calendar -below, and I am hoping to stick to this schedule.

In any event I am camping on the Sunday prior to any Monday event posted, I will have to catch up during the week.  This is because sometimes we do not have a wi-fi signal at the camping sites and we basically end up using a laptop as a glorified television to watch movies when it's raining.  Of course, if we do I will keep up as scheduled!!Stay tuned.


Blog Summer Events Schedule for July & August 2011 SUMMER!!

July 2011

 Monday July 4th- !! 

 Happy Independence Day (U.S.A.)
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 Better Body Time
 Fresh Summer Drinks
 Summer Camping Party Favor

 Monday July 11th-

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 Summer Recipe of the Week
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 Mighty Herbs of the Garden
 Stampede 2011 Review

 Monday July 18th-

 D.I.Y. Beauty Feature
 Summer Recipe of the Week
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 Pet Corner Talk
 Movie Review

 Monday July 25th-

 D.I.Y. Beauty
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 Garden Update
 Book Review

August 2011

 Monday August 1st-

 D.I.Y. Beauty
 Summer Recipe of the Week
 Better Body Time
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 Preparing for Garden Harvest
 Camping Update

 Monday August 8th-

 D.I.Y. Beauty
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 Summer Craft Corner
 Art Update

 Monday August 15th-

 D.I.Y. Beauty
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 Garden Harvest Recipes
 Coupon Review

 Monday August 22nd-

 D.I.Y. Beauty
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 Photography Update
 Writing Online

 Monday August 29th-

 D.I.Y. Beauty
 Summer Recipe of the Week
 Better Body Time
 Fresh Summer Drinks
 Fall & Winter Decor Fashion from TrulyJulie on Etsy
 Back to School

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FREE Online TV Update!

Hellooooo there, just a quick update~ I have been tracking where to watch free TV shows online.
I have come across a few good streaming sites and some that work to watch channels from around the world.  I just may go and axe the cable bill now.

Here's the links people:

This site lists many channels from cartoons, many classic movie channels, sports and US channels like Fox News Talk Live Stream.  Apparently there is an adult channel +18 tab, so Mom's don't leave kids alone to browse ALL the channels but there is so many more quality shows to choose and much much more~!

Here we have many western classic channels, cartoon, cooking and many classic shows.  You have to choose each channel open the player and see if it's what you want to watch, it's kind of a gamble depending on what you like...... good luck.

Now, some of you may have seen the cable provider's message about switching from analog to
digital, and it may cause some outages depending on the way you watch your t.v. shows.
You can watch almost all the CTV programs, that you watch on t.v. on the Internet and the latest
breaking news on Global.  There are soap operas, prime time evening shows like "The Deadliest Catch" and when you click to watch it you are taken to Discovery Channel ( so don't forget about that.  There are many programs you can view on Discovery and History. "The Voice" also is available to watch on CTV and daytime talk such as "The View" and you can choose when you want to watch the shows you missed,.  So that is convenient and better than cable if you can choose when you watch it.

There is the Bravo site that you can choose to watch video on, and it is all about arts, entertainment, music and culture.  You can also read about top stories, view the online t.v. schedule and browse about arts, but there seem to be limited shows available on this site and the movies are played on television but it's worth being in the online t.v. options.

Have you heard of Blip TV?  Here's some of the best in original web series, I haven't really sat through and watched anything just yet but it does look a bit like amateur or freelance video's not necessarily real television, but hey I don't know that's my opinion, and you just may like it so, here's the link:

Hockey lovers, you can watch live free, live and also archived hockey games, I admit you do have to
hunt for the game you want to watch, but if you are a fan you will do it, right?  I think it's basically
any games that were shown on CBC and the classic archived games from years past.  Pretty sweet.

Some people that are scouting out the best TV for you already, (that is available online) in Canada
is Scout TV!  There are links right to all the stations like CBC, CTV, Global and Discovery and you can watch almost everything you already are watching and maybe more!

TV Shack used to a great site for shows and movies, but since it has changed for what ever reason, I don't believe is free anymore.  It is also now called TV Central.  Here's the site though, I just never bother to sign up and 'proceed to the next step', which is likely the credit card payment step or something.  You can see for your self though:

You can watch Global TV online!  Yes, Rookie Blue, Love Bites, classic, short webisodes like "Who's the Boss" and much more!

If you watch MTV on TV, for reality shows, music or entertainment news, you also can watch it all
online!  You do have to wait a day or two later for the shows that were on television, to be posted online, so some of your friends may see it first if they have it on TV.  They see it first and spoil it for you then unfriend them (just kidding)..... but hey you can save money.  Who is the smart one?

Finally, I found this quite interesting, that if you are in a certain area you may not be able to watch
a lot of content online. others are able to like in the US.  I found this out when I tried to watch Internet TV from Windows Media Center.  It offers all the channels from the US, movies, etc.  I mean
this would replace cable, so I got excited and checked out the channel line-up and clicked on what I wanted to watch.  I tried "The Talk" with Sarah Ferguson featuring on the episode, and it downloaded all the shows and then I clicked and it was loading....... so I thought I was in the money but then I read the message that said this is "not available in my area". Bummer and I tried this over and over for other shows and came to the same result.......
Well, there is an application called Anchor Free which is a hot spot shield.  It was the first I heard of this, and it is supposed to block you making you private, secure and anonymous online. 
Apparently, by doing this, if you are blocked the shows that you are not able to access may just be able to work for you, after all they won't know what "area" you are in.  I read this somewhere, so honestly I am NOT "recommending" (that's my disclaimer) this and you would have to look into this more before you take it from me,.  So, anyways, to find out more google it and here's the Anchor Free link:

That's all I have found so far, and now you can actually use this blog page as an online channel guide~!  I will post more interesting and better sites if I find them..... perhaps you can let me know back here if you find any as well.  Similarly, if any of these links become outdated and do not work please let me know.  :)

Also, get ready for my 'Summer Events Posting' schedule which is coming up on Sunday, and will tell you a couple weeks ahead of time, when I will be posting recipes, certain topics of interest, easy summer and beach body exercises and much more!
Trying to get organized here people. See you later!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Time Countdown Favorites! HUGE LIST!!

Happy Father's Day Everyone!!

Summer time, summer time.  Officially, it's on Tuesday June 21st so it's now time to bring out the summer clothing, if not already, and also prepare to transition our favorite summer time products back into our beach bags, purses and beauty regime.

I personally never used to change my products for different seasons, but with that some of the winter lotions for my face are thicker and heavier and I break out using those same products in the summer type weather.  I feel that having the right products and smells to some of those products makes the summer more enjoyable.  It can even make it easier to get ready if everything is going together effortlessly.  I have some favorites to use, and I have some products I am interested in.  Let me discuss a couple that may help you out this summer.

The first product I would like to discuss, is the Vitamark Natique Skin Care System line.
I personally used this in the winter and it helped then too but it would also make a nice light summer time product to use as well. It is one that is versatile and I will be using this one both winter and summer because it does balance my skin.

There are a few steps to this line, but if done properly, amazing results!  Here they are:

Step #1 is the colloidal cleanser which is quite soothing and removes all initial impurities like makeup.  It's enriched with things like Aloe Vera, Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba, Green Tea extract and vitamin E.

Step #2 is the lathering cleanser which encourages exfoliation, tightening and firming.
It also is made from Aloe Vera, Panthenol, Green Tea and more to encourage the wonderful results to
happen.  For both of these cleansers, they only require very small amounts, to be used morning and evening for optimal results.

Step #3 is the enriched ultra conditioner which is the moisturizing step to this line.
This product contains Natural Oils, Vitamins and Green Tea to name a few, that really does balance the level of moisture in my face, and amazingly it is only a half a dime size amount that you have to use to do the whole face and neck, give or take the level or amount you need.

Step #4 is the protective lotion made to tone, firm and nourish one's skin.  It helps protect skin from bad environmental elements and also aids in exfoliation especially under the eyes.   It does work to improve the look and feel of skin.
It contains things like Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Green Tea and other natural oils.  I feel this is the final and cooling step to the process, as this is a product that is like water, that you put a small dime size amount on and lightly pat the face with.  It feels great, completes the firming and refreshing part to the line, and actually keeps the oil away.
It is recommended, if you have oily skin to use step 4 before and after step 3.

This would be great to use if you get oily skin in the summer, as opposed to dry skin in the winter.
For the smell of this product, it does not seem to have any scent to it too much, so it is just a fresh
face it leaves you with. 

To follow-up there is a Night Cream made by Vitamark Natique that is a very nourishing
and does smell like Aloe Vera of which is does contain.  It does help fine lines and smoothing of
the skin.  This skin care does cost about $45 + shipping & handling.  It will last though and comes with a nice clear plastic carrying bag of it's own, a skin care guide with tips and tricks and you would be happy with many more of the Vitamark products.  I reuse the bags for organizing purposes, such as small hair ties and things I don't want lying around.

My next favorite summer product right now, and through out my 20's has been Oil of Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer for combination and oily skin with UV protection and SPF 15 lotion or the same for sensitive skin.  It works great for sun protection, for small amounts of exposure like on the weekday on the way to work, looks great under make-up and also really holds up all day indoors. Now my skin will likely change, but for now it's still working great.

It does have to be re-applied if you are in for prolonged sun exposure in the day, or use a higher SPF altogether if you are really planning to be in the sun all day.  If you are an outdoors person and always in the sun, perhaps you should probably choose something with more SPF protection in it.
This prevents your risk and chance to sun burn and dangerous exposure to the UV rays.

I do find that a make-up primer be used over top of this product just to set it best for your
foundation.  There is a light scent to this product, I find it to be fresh and clean smelling but for those who have sensitivities it definitely might sting a bit if you are in direct hot sun.

The next face lotion I love is No 7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream.  I love a lot of this company's products.  It is a bit thicker, but since it's a night cream it can be quite soothing on the skin while you sleep and recover from your day or the night before.  It has many ingredients, and I recycled the box that lists these, so I cannot recall exactly but it is not a "all natural" product by any means.  It smells great and is very moisturizing.  It is recommended to smooth this lotion on after No 7's Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum of which smooths lines and reveals a healthy glow to the skin.
The Eye Creams also work fairly well from No 7.  It is bit more pricey, if you are considering spending more than $10 on yourself and so I wait for sales and I can save myself $20.  If you are not concerned on the prices then I recommend it but I have also spent way more on under eye creams and way less.

My next favorite summer product is a refreshing body spray from Avon Naturals.  It is the pomegranate and mango spray, that is so light and fruity.  It is not as strong as some perfumes and
is a very summery smell and will be just the product you love in your beach bag.  I am not sure the current price on this product, as I got mine awhile ago.  I would guess $8.

I also love Cherry Blossom from Calgon, and actually may be my favorite of ALL TIME.
It can be anywhere from $5-8 or $1 if you head to the dollar store and they carry it.  Sometimes I got lucky.  I like to buy the small purse size bottles of these, so I can throw it in my bag of the day or take with me to the beach, or even keep at work in my desk drawer for a fast fresher-upper. It can  be nice if someone else doesn't smell particularly good and you need to spritz the air (of course when they are out of sight and spray range) so as to not insult your own smell senses any longer than necessary.

A new favorite perfume for the summer is, Mariah Carey's Luscious Pink.  It has a nice fruity note to
it and just screams summer.  I also like the cute bottle, but I do need to purchase this myself and stop getting free spritzes of it from the perfume counter. lol  I have not bought it yet.  It is $42.00 for a 1.1 fluid oz of this stuff and ranges higher prices in the bigger sizes.

A summer razor to try is the Schick Naturals Intuition razor. Let me say, it's a fast process with the conditioning Aloe Vera solid that it comes with.   It does work great and is fast with no shaving creams needed since the solid is the shaving cream built in.
Couponing will help you get this product for less.  If you get a coupon from a coupon site or elsewhere, then it will not cost a lot.  I had a coupon for $5 off, and it was originally $7, so it cost $2. That is not bad to try it out.  It has a thick and comfortable handle to hang onto, this is really good because I have not dropped it because of that.  It comes with a solid and razor refill after the first one is used up, and has suction cup holder unit to stick to the wall in your shower.  It also comes with a travel cap to cover the razor blade and solid when you have to pack it up.  All pretty good for $2. When it comes to buying the refills from the store, now that is a another story.  They can be quite pricey.

I will further discuss summer shaving products, foot scrubs,  what is going in my beach bag this summer and more on summer time products that are organic.  Check back in July~!

A great summer drink is Crave (Vitamark) and if you are interested in energy with out the caffeine crash, then this is for you!  It comes in convenient pouches that you can  slip into your summer bag.   It is a nice pick me up in the afternoon and it is cheaper per package than other energy drinks. I love the taste as it's original and something different than pop or juice.  It has become something I crave- no pun intended. Here's a link where you can get some:

Well, that's all for this week and if you are having a hard week throw on some Bob Marley, pour yourself a Berry Mojito or a Malibu Coconutini and think summer time.
Have a great week!

Friday, June 17, 2011


 I really just wanted to do a quick update post.  I am totally excited to see that my picture I took called "Serenity for All" made it to runner up in the hot pic of the week on!

I had almost forgot about this, and found out I came in second.  There is a really nice picture for the first spot, called "Night Heron" which is totally deserved for that shot.  Check it out if you are interested in photography.

Here's the link (below), and scroll down in the article, to "Pic of the Week"section. 
I will be trying to enter again in the future if I get the right pictures this summer...... unfortunately I won't be going to France as I was perhaps intending, but stay tuned as there maybe some awesome camping photos.

Cheerios for now!  Have a great weekend!!

"Serenity for All"

Monday, June 13, 2011

More Movie Mania- Mafia Marathon Weekend~!

Well, my computer is not always cooperating here and I already had typed a lot.  Then it all went down the tube.......... I should save as I go. So, to recap I guess for myself; I watched all the Mafia inspired movies I could on digital cable this weekend.... they lined up some blockbuster ones, that's for sure.  Here's how Mafia Marathon went down:

Firstly to warm up, I cooked an authentic Italian spaghetti dinner and it was the best one ever.   It helps to take one's time to prepare the perfect sauce. I also made great garlic toast.  Perfecto!  So it was awesome to do as the Italians do.

I kicked off the weekend by watching " Underworld Cities" series documentary on the History channel.  It was all about organized crime in Las Vegas.  The history of it all to do with casinos, gambling and the crime bosses was very interesting.   Missed a bit of that to finish dinner but I got the gist, so the mood and tone of the crime bosses and underworld was now set.  Begin mafia movie #1........

"Donnie Brasco", if you don't know about this movie, google it, rent it, sign it out at the library, whatever, watch it.  It is a very good flick and it is based on a true story, as most mafioso movies are.
 The A-list actors including Johnny Depp and Al Pacino in this movie definitely make it enjoyable.  Did I mention how great they play their roles?  Hey did I mention the wonderful acting, and how suspenseful the movie is? It is late so I might need to rewrite this, but without giving away anything in the movie - Johnny Depp is an undercover FBI agent who infiltrates the mop but gets in a little too deep.  Al Pacino, need I say more, and as I matured in life this movie seemed to improve? What the heck.
 There are also many wonderful supporting actors and it's worth the watch.  I have watched this many times, I want to say 10 times but that may be an exaggeration.

Then cable followed up with "Goodfellas", with all the great actors, De Niro, Pesci, Liotta just to name a few.  I recommend this flick, it's one the best. It's another long mafia movie, so you could potentially pause it and make an intermission to pop some corn. This time I lost count how many times I have watched this show and yet I stayed up late until 4 a.m. watching this show.

I didn't see "Casino" on I was saying, it would have been perfect to watch on Sunday before going back to work. Then what do you know~ badda boom, badda bing!!  The network read my mind if  it was not already planned.  That wrapped up my Sunday afternoon and most of my weekend, if you know Casino is also a longer movie as well.  Forget about it.

Again, De Niro, Pesci, Stone, and many more, this one follows the story about Las Vegas and organized crime there.  Also a biography including all the good stuff about deception, crime, money. Short and sweet, check it out.  I find it similar to life, people stab you in the back and you think you got friends and everyone is kissing everyone's ass except the ones who get whacked. 

Well, sorry Not too sweet, haha, I got frustrated losing all my previous work and am now going to get ready for my upcoming week.
  Well, it's been a slice and remember subscribe!!  Plus coming soon~ DELICIOUS FOOD RECIPES for summer!! Maybe some Italian food, maybe not but currently it is definitely inspiring some of my cooking recipe picks.   Have a great week!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Movie Mania

Movies are usually a large part of my weekends to be quite honest.  Whether it be the days from renting them or choosing a video on demand.  Netflix, cable and my archive of old DVD'S have me usually up at night watching something of a movie or a documentary.

I prefer such documentaries that are do with crime stories, science or nature, and or Extraterrestrial type shows.  Those fill up the time slots in between movies that I enjoy.  I do get out and accomplish errands and such on weekends, along with a nice brisk walk or some yoga, I just find myself doing more cinefile type activities on the weekends.  However, Mondays are no exception to my movie mania, as it overlaps on long weekends.

Netflix is good as there are so many restrictions to what I can watch on the Internet or what is allowed as per the regulators in Canada, although it's getting better.  I have heard there is a great deal more variety in the US.

It is an escape for that hour and a bit though.  I don't care who you talk to, even the least watched television will have a movie playing at some point.  If it's a good one, you never want it to end.  You pray the villain doesn't get wiped out or the endless love story, is just that, or is this just me?  Perhaps, as I usually root for the underdog teams or villains and wished they could have kept up.

Would I encourage you to watch a great movie or show when you arrive home from a bad day or even on the best day?  Sure why not.  You can prepare for the next day by doing some tasks, then get dinner started, and then perhaps you can choose something to watch or even learn.  Depending on your preferences, and the mood you are in it can turn your day around.

I have been having a little problem with Netflix becoming interrupted, which can be aggravating but I think I fixed the issue with my internet provider.  In general I have completed many movies uninterrupted.  What does anyone else think, do you think Netflix is worth the money or is it a good concept?  Post below.

Sometimes, it can be the cheapest date night, to stay home and watch a movie, so it's great in times we need to save money. :) Have a great week!